Life After Roe, Two Years On

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In our fast-changing world, it can be difficult to sort through the issues of the day. From family to faith to the latest in the public square, it’s hard to stay up on what’s happening, much less interpret the news in a way that honors our Christian faith. That’s what Salem’s Christian hosts do for our listeners across the country every day—and “The Christian Outlook” draws from the best of their material to bring you an hour-long program you won’t want to miss.

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Friday, January 26

The Christian Outlook – January 20, 2024 Georgene Rice reports on the impact the Dobbs decision has had on the abortion industry, revealing that 32 states have reported a significant decrease of 31,951 legal abortions in 2022. Bill Bunkley warns about an extreme pro-abortion constitutional amendment in Florida that, if adopted, could permit abortions up to the moment of birth. Sign the petition to protect life. Greg Seltz and Focus on the Family's Jim Daly discuss the selfish nature of Planned Parenthood, emphasizing their focus on abortion and lack of support for women in need. They advocate for empowering the church and families to provide assistance, highlight the success of ultrasound programs in saving lives, and express concerns about the erosion of family values in society. Greg Seltz and Tim Goeglein discuss the 2024 March for Life theme "Every Woman for Every Child," emphasizing the need to challenge the narrative and expose the reality behind the pro-choice euphemisms.  Eric Metaxas and Alexandra DeSanctis, co-author of Tearing Us Apart: How Abortion Harms Everything and Solves Nothing, discuss the one-year anniversary of the Dobbs decision, the importance of the overturning of Roe v. Wade and what's next for the pro-life movement.

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