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Chris Stigall has been ranked by Talkers Magazine as one of the “100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America” since 2008. A former writer’s intern for “Late Show with David Letterman,” as well as columnist, cable TV guest, and radio host - Chris weaves captivating interviews with his love of news, politics and comedy to create "The Chris Stigall Show” podcast.

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Wednesday, August 23

Will Tucker get tough with Trump on his X show? Will DeSantis rise to this occasion with no Trump on the debate stage? Ramaswamy is garnering more buzz lately which makes him a prime target for the others on stage. While some like Christie exist to do nothing but take shots at Trump. Col Kurt Schlichter is a DeSantis backer and joins Stigall to preview. Plus, a New Jersey judge's ruling on public school kids and gender confusion should be a cautionary tale to every parent sending their kids off on the bus this year. Is it fair to attack Ramaswamy as a 9/11 truther? And Oliver Anthony explodes on the music charts while masks are making their way back slowly. - For more info visit the official website: https://chrisstigall.com Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/chrisstigallshow/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/ChrisStigall Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/chris.stigall/ Listen on Spotify: https://tinyurl.com/Stigall PodListen on Apple Podcasts: https://bit.ly/StigallShow

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