Shapiro Shills, Romney Retires, Pelosi Persists

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Thursday, September 14

The second best news of yesterday after a killer had been captured was Utah Senator Mitt Romney announcing he's leaving. But not before imparting some of his political "wisdom." Meanwhile Pelosi will likely have to be hauled out of Congress via hearse and gives a bizarre "endorsement" of Kamala Harris that leads Stigall to relax with another Cackle Britches Serenity Moment. EJ Antoni from the Heritage Foundation slaps New York Times economist Paul Krugman around for suggesting the economy is outstanding. Megan Kelly releases her Trump interview which is promised to be aggressive. The governor of Pennsylvania runs to the front of the captured killer parade yesterday. And at least one public official says - under no circumstances - should anyone under 65 take another shot. - For more info visit the official website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Listen on Spotify: Listen on Apple Podcasts:

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Thursday, September 14