Move Over Target & Bud Light. Kohls Wants a Turn.

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Tuesday, May 30

Corporate America is stuck on woke and its really something to behold. As Anheiser-Busch sales of Bud Light have plunged for six straight weeks and Target's market value has plunged 14%, now Kohls has decided sexualizing babies is a good idea. Plus, Steve Moore on the supposed "deal" reached between Kevin McCarthy and Biden that has conservatives in the House fuming. Black Lives Matter is a total grift - shocker, right? One Democrat tells his MSNBC audience what he fears in the difference between Trump and DeSantis that fascinates Stigall as a debate for Republicans. And Memorial Day reflections. - For more info visit the official website: https://chrisstigall.comInstagram: on Spotify: on Apple Podcasts: