Howard Stern Becomes What He Once Hated

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Chris Stigall has been ranked by Talkers Magazine as one of the “100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America” since 2008. A former writer’s intern for “Late Show with David Letterman,” as well as columnist, cable TV guest, and radio host - Chris weaves captivating interviews with his love of news, politics and comedy to create "The Chris Stigall Show” podcast.

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Thursday, September 21

Stigall confesses to never really listening to Howard Stern, but did see his seminole movie tribute to his fledgling radio career "Private Parts." His change, in Stigall's opinion has been stark. Vladimir Zalensky visits Washington D.C. Attorney General Merrick Garland testifies before the House Judiciary and gets filleted. Former acting AG Matthew Whitaker reacts and shares his latest political observations from his home state and the first primary state to vote - Iowa. Plus Jason Rantz joins Stigall from Seattle to discuss the degradation of the nations largest cities in his new book "What's Killing America." - For more info visit the official website: https://chrisstigall.comInstagram: on Spotify: on Apple Podcasts:

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