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Chris Stigall has been ranked by Talkers Magazine as one of the “100 Most Important Talk Show Hosts in America” since 2008. A former writer’s intern for “Late Show with David Letterman,” as well as columnist, cable TV guest, and radio host - Chris weaves captivating interviews with his love of news, politics and comedy to create "The Chris Stigall Show” podcast.

Wednesday, May 24

It's here - the day many in the GOP have been waiting for. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis will declare his candidacy for President of the United States. But as you'll hear Stigall unpack in his analysis - all is not well within the the party. There's still major issues and headwinds facing the GOP at large and Stigall wonders if those have been addressed. Then, the not-so-small issue of the former president who (according to all polls) leads DeSantis by more than 30 points. Sure, that will narrow, but Sean Spicer joins Stigall to offer mathematical and strategic insights into this primary many emotional people aren't considering. Whether you're a die-hard Trump loyalist or you're a DeSantis all the way voter or you're not convinced the GOP has it figured out no matter the nominee - today's show is for you! - For more info visit the official website: Instagram: Twitter: Facebook: Listen on Spotify:

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