22 Years Since 9/11 — What Have We Learned?

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Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 3,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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Monday, September 11

No event has changed America more in the past half-century than 9/11 — and the change wasn't for the better. Instead of fixing America's immigration laws, leaders created a surveillance state and squandered trillions on useless wars. On the 22nd anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Charlie looks back on the country America used to be, and how that country was forever lost through our ill-considered reaction to that horrendous tragedy.