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Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 3,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 24 — DINKS and SINKS? Taylor Swift: Person of the Year?

Saturday, December 9

In this week’s edition of THOUGHTCRIME featuring Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Tyler Bowyer, and Blake Neff, the group debates riveting questions like: -Why did TIME pick Taylor Swift as Person of the Year? -What is a DINK, and is choosing to be one immoral? -Is Florida State's playoff snub proof that college football is ruined forever?

The Great Replacement Isn't a Myth — It's a Strategy

Friday, December 8

For decades, Democrats have banked their political future on the Great Replacement — the systematic displacement of legacy Americans with new immigrants who are more likely to vote for the left. It's always been obvious, but only now are Republicans getting the courage to say it. Libby Emmons explains why Vivek Ramaswamy was finally able to raise this critical point, and why it drives the media regime so batty. Plus, the Charlie Kirk Show has exclusive audio exposing a Republican Congressional candidate as an anti-Trump RINO.

Hunter Biden: The Porn, The Prostitutes, The Prison Sentence

Friday, December 8

The DOJ has brought new felony charges against Hunter Biden, exposing four years of a depraved, dissolute lifestyle and threatening him with 17 years in prison. But are more Hunter charges yet to drop, and could this all be a prelude to forcing Joe Biden out of the race completely? Mike Davis helps connect the dots, while also answering questions about President Trump's 2025 cabinet.

How America Rejected Its Founders' Faith

Friday, December 8

America's First Amendment guarantees freedom of religion, but does America even tolerate the faith of its Founding Fathers anymore? Historian Bill Federer explores the origins of America's religious pluralism, and explains how the country was founded on a generalized Christianity, but has now become a state that tolerates virtually everything except authentic Christian belief.

America's Never-Ending Pearl Harbor

Thursday, December 7

Eighty-two years ago today, Japan launched an assault on the U.S. homeland at Pearl Harbor, killing 2,400 Americans and dragging the country into World War 2. But now, Pearl Harbor is literally a weekly event, as 12,000 migrants a day flood over the border bringing the fentanyl that murders 100,000 Americans a year. Rep. Andy Biggs talks about how the border calamity is becoming the ONLY issue that matters in America. Plus, Donald Trump Jr. gives an update on the endless New York civil trial, and explains why Hunter Biden shouldn't be allowed the privilege of a public Congressional hearing about his lifetime of corruption.

How Vivek Ended Nikki Haley

Thursday, December 7

Yes, they're still holding GOP debates for some reason. Charlie reacts to the most viral moment of Wednesday's race for 2nd place: Vivek Ramaswamy's thorough demolition of establishment pick Nimarata "Nikki" Haley. Whether it's the Great Replacement or pop quizzes on Ukrainian provinces, Charlie lays out how Vivek showed the same neocon nonsense no longer has a home in the GOP.

America's Greatest Faith-First Corporation?: A Conversation With In-N-Out's Lynsi Snyder

Thursday, December 7

For 75 years, In-N-Out Burger has thrived as one of America's most beloved fast food chains...while also remaining a family company and adhering to Christian principles. How does that work? Lynsi Snyder shares with Charlie her faith journey as well as her business journey, and also gives the lowdown on In-N-Out's famous "secret menu," and the time some frat boys ordered a 100-patty burger.

What's Wrong With the DINKs?

Wednesday, December 6

A specter is haunting America — the specter of DINKs. People with dual incomes, but no kids are promoting their lifestyle on TikTok, encouraging Americans to live lives of empty hedonism while becoming genetic dead ends. Charlie reacts to this disturbing fad, and also talks to Sen. Josh Hawley about the FBI's war on Catholics, then chats with Rep. Barry Loudermilk about new evidence Fani Willis collaborated with the Biden White House to bring charges against Donald Trump.

Kevin McCarthy Resigns + Why The Left Wants "Dictator Trump"

Wednesday, December 6

Kevin McCarthy is quitting Congress — and with George Santos pointlessly kicked out as well, the GOP House Majority is narrower than ever. Charlie tries to figure out why Republicans seem more interested in quitting and cashing in than preserving their only source of power in Washington. Then, he reacts to Trump's town hall with Sean Hannity, and dissects why the left secretly wishes that Donald Trump really was the "dictator" they constantly claim he is.

Is It Time To Panic About Chinese White Lung?

Wednesday, December 6

What is "white lung" pneumonia? And is it something we need to panic about, or is it a new hysteria from a press that loves health scares? "The War on Ivermectin" author Dr. Pierre Kory explains what this new threat is and how seriously we should worry about it, then explains what we should take away from newly-leaked Covid data from New Zealand. Plus, as Covid recedes, the left is once again stoking hysteria about climate change in order to justify another wave of power grabs. "Fossil Future" author Alex Epstein breaks down the lies of the climate movement and its deeply anti-human agenda. Then,

Is Biden Impeachment (Finally) Here?

Wednesday, December 6

Joe Biden said he never met Hunter's business associates — a lie. He said he never discusses business with his son — a lie. He said Hunter received no money from China — another lie. Now, the most spectacular revelation of all has come: Hard proof that Chinese money made its way, through Hunter, to President Biden himself. John Solomon explains the story and the prospects for a real GOP impeachment push in the weeks to come. Plus, Rumble cofounder Chris Pavlovksi discusses the company's explosive growth and his new lawsuit against Check My Ads, a leaders among the left's censorship mafia thugs, Nandini Jammi.

Bill Ackman Sees the Light

Tuesday, December 5

A surge of anti-Semitic hatred on campus since the October 7 attack has many wealthy Jewish Americans shifting their opinions in a big way — and not just on Jewish issues. Now, establishment megadonor Bill Ackman has written a stunning open letter denouncing Harvard’s extreme history of anti-white racism, and apologizing for his past failure to act. Charlie describes why Ackman's letter represents such a dramatic shift, and why it's an opportunity conservatives must seize immediately.

The Impossibility of Peace with Hamas with Yoram Hazony

Tuesday, December 5

Conservative theorist Yoram Hazony was a firsthand witness to Hamas's missile assault, and has two sons serving in the IDF. So, what does he make of Israel's massive intelligence failure before Oct. 7? And what is the long-term path forward on Gaza and Hamas that is good for both Israel and the United States?

The Player Who Wouldn't Kneel with Jonathan Isaac and Kane

Monday, December 4

Jonathan Isaac is a rare man in the liberal NBA: A proud Christian who refused to kneel during the national anthem. He joins Charlie to discuss his brave stand against the tide of the wider NBA, and to discuss his new Christian clothing line. Plus, Kane of Citizen Free Press discusses the GOP's idiotic expulsion of George Santos from the House, and the terrible sham of the college football playoff selections.

The Colonization of America + Breaking Hunter Biden News

Monday, December 4

Thanks to Biden's open border policies, the share of Americans born abroad has soared past 15% — the highest level ever. Charlie explains how mass migration is destroying the once great country we knew, and he also reacts live to the "new" Hunter Biden bombshell that, really, just confirms we knew was true all along.

They Tried to Take Me Out for Asking THIS Question - Turns Out I Was Right.

Monday, December 4

After Charlie asked a question about Israeli intelligence following the horrific October 7 attack, people rushed to label him an Anti-Semite and even a "Holocaust Denier." Now, the New York Times has released a damning report on Israel’s intelligence failure. Charlie reacts to the news, calls out the people that were quick to turn on him, and questoins the future of this war.

Making the Bible the Bedrock — LIVE From Trinity Church

Sunday, December 3

On this Sunday edition of The Charlie Kirk Show, enjoy Charlie’s speech from Trinity Church in Lubbock, where he discusses what happened to the church during the China Virus, why faith and politics can and should go together, and how to stand up for your beliefs by standing on the Bible.

Newsom vs DeSantis + Matt Gaetz Calls Out the GOP...Again

Saturday, December 2

Charlie is first joined by Kurt Schlicter to unpack DeSantis V. Gavin Newsom and decide a winner, as well as discuss the utter destruction of California. Then, Rep. Matt Gaetz calls out his colleagues who were more focused on voting out George Santos than keeping their majority. He also blasts the Minot Air Force base commanders who warned airmen to steer clear of a Turning Point Action event, and why he plans to haul them before Congress.

Why Expelling the Clown George Santos is Dumber than Usual for Republicans

Friday, December 1

Charlie reacts to the breaking news as Republicans join with Democrats to expel George Santos from the House, and he breaks down why this was such a terrible and tactical mistake. He calls out each Republican by name and highlights the laughably long list of other congressional clowns who has managed to survive.