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Charlie is America's hardest working grassroots activist who has your inside scoop on the biggest news of the day and what's really going on behind the headlines. The founder of Turning Point USA and one of social media's most engaged personalities, Charlie is on the front lines of America’s culture war, mobilizing hundreds of thousands of students on over 3,500 college and high school campuses across the country, bringing you your daily dose of clarity in a sea of chaos all from his signature no-holds-barred, unapologetically conservative, freedom-loving point of view.

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Why the Gospel is Not Private with Pastor Jentezen Franklin

Friday, March 1

When confronted with the many great political controversies in America, many pastors prefer to punt by saying they "just want to focus on the Gospel." Pastor Jentezen Franklin feels very differently. Politics pervades every facet of life, and that means the Gospel must have something to say about it. Pastor Franklin talks about praying for President Trump, building houses for trafficked women, the far-too-many funerals he's held for children killed by cartel-trafficked drugs, and why his church has thrived so much in the wake of Covid.

Charlie's Lamentations

Thursday, February 29

In the Book of Lamentations, Jeremiah weeps for the fate of Israel. In Charlie's version, he weeps for the once-great state of Illinois. Plus, he talks to Chris Stigall about the Herzog Foundation's efforts to roll back poison in children's education, and to Lara Logan about how the regime can "murder" critical journalists without raising a single finger against them directly. For more content, become a member at!

Trump and Biden: A Tale of Two Borders

Thursday, February 29

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are both at the border today — but that's where the similarities end. Charlie explores why Trump has gone to where the crisis is at its worst, while Biden prefers to hide where it is invisible. Plus, Charlie talks to Julie Kelly about Trump's newest Supreme Court case and the growing odds he escapes every indictment against him all the way to election day. For more content, become a member at! 

When Liberals Become "Left-ugees"

Thursday, February 29

Investigative journalist Michael Shellenberger calls himself a "Left-ugee," a natural liberal who has been driven away by the sickness of the modern progressive movement. He joins Charlie for a wide-ranging conversation on nuclear power, the decay of San Francisco, the CIA's spying on Donald Trump, J6, and more.  Why are more and more liberals starting to shun the movement they have spent their lives as a part of? For more content, become a member on!

Biden's Border Bloodbath Comes To Campus

Wednesday, February 28

College campuses are supposed to be some of the safest places in America. But now, illegal immigrants are showing up on campus and butchering nursing students in the streets. Charlie talks to two students at the University of Georgia about the shocking murder of Laken Riley, and the local mayor's refusal to admit the cause. Plus, Rep. Eric Burlison talks about the House impeachment inquiry's interview with Hunter Biden. For more content, become a member at!

Why Michigan Is Causing Panic in the Biden Camp

Wednesday, February 28

Joe Biden won the Michigan Democrat primary, but his team isn't celebrating, because there are warning signs of a major rebellion from the far left over Gaza. Charlie explains, then reacts to Mitch McConnell long-awaited retirement as GOP leader and explains who conservatives should hope replaces him. For more content, become a member on!

The Latest Case for Never Apologizing

Wednesday, February 28

Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears just apologized after "misgendering" a mentally ill "transgender" person in the Virginia legislature. Charlie wants to know: Why? What issue will we take a stand on, if not calling a man a man? For more content, become a member at!

Donald Trump: America's "Blackest President?"

Tuesday, February 27

The black vote has been lockstep Democrat for all of living memory, and for just as long conservatives have tried and failed to change that. But is the unprecedented disaster of the Biden Administration finally making change possible? Pastor Mark Burns joins Charlie to describe the massive shift among black men, and why Donald Trump is, in his words, the "blackest president" in American history. Plus, Col. Douglas Macgregor makes the case that the war in Ukraine is about to end — and not in a victory for the Biden Administration. For more content, become a member at!

Why Does the Regime Fear Christians?

Tuesday, February 27

Getting American values back in power in America will depend on whether American pastors can muster and turn out their politically disengaged parishioners. With that in mind, Charlie gives an update on this week's Strong Church gathering in Phoenix, and gives an important wake up call to anyone who is falling for the regime’s lies about so-called "Christian nationalism." For more content, become a member at!

The Queering of the American Child

Tuesday, February 27

Does your child's school feel a little bit...well, gay? As James Lindsay explains to Charlie, this isn't a passing fad, but the culmination of a trend decades in the making. Lindsay joins Charlie for an in-depth discussion of his crucial new book, The Queering of the American Child.

Ronna Resigns + the RNC's Urgent Game of Catch-Up

Tuesday, February 27

Ronna McDaniel led the RNC to its weakest state in at least thirty years. Now that she has resigned, the recovery begins, and there's not a moment to lose. Scott Presler, Tyler Bowyer, and Brett Galaszewski explain how there are still millions of sympathetic low-propensity voters who are there for the taking...if only the GOP finally gets serious about locating them and turning them out.

The Threat of No Labels Nikki Haley

Monday, February 26

As expected, Nikki Haley lost the South Carolina primary, and lost badly. Her donors are bailing. So why is she staying in the race? Charlie breaks it down along with former WH press secretary Ari Fleischer, and asks the question that soon everyone in D.C. will be asking: Is Nikki Haley getting ready for a No Labels third party run?

Why Borders Are Biblical

Sunday, February 25

Enjoy this Sunday episode of The Charlie Kirk Show, where Charlie speaks at Freedom House in North Carolina on the importance of borders, the dangers of unrestrained empathy, and how to protect kids from the trans movement. For more content, become a member at!

THOUGHTCRIME Ep. 34 — Google’s Ghastly AI? Evil IVF? DEI Television?

Saturday, February 24

In this week’s ThoughtCrime, Charlie Kirk, Jack Posobiec, Blake Neff, and guest host Graham Allen ask many critical questions, including: -Why can’t Google’s AI show white people? -Are DEI diktats making TV terrible? -Is IVF immoral, and even if it is, is it too popular to talk about?

The Rise of Independent Media — and the Fall of the Old

Friday, February 23

Vice News is so broke that there are rumors its entire website and all of its articles will be deleted from existence. Many other failing, far-left outlets are facing the same fate. Meanwhile, Citizen Free Press gets more than fourteen million hits a day. Charlie talks to CFP proprietor Kane about the new media world and Trump's legal timelines. Then, the Red-Headed Libertarian joins to look at how Argentina and El Salvador have become surprising models for how to fix up America. For more content, become a member at!

Big Fani's Biggest Flub Yet

Friday, February 23

Fani Willis has repeatedly sworn in court that her relationship with Nathan Wade only turned romantic in 2022. So why do new cell phone records — the same tech used to catch J6 defendants — show her meeting with Wade in the middle of the night? Charlie reacts, joined by Will Scharf and producer Blake, then looks ahead to Nikki Haley's demise in South Carolina. For more content, become a member at! 

The Data Behind Nikki Haley’s Dreadful Campaign

Friday, February 23

Nikki Haley isn't going to win, so why is she running? Can she even finish within 20 points of Trump in her home state? Rich Baris helps Charlie understand the situation in the Palmetto State before Saturday’s vote. Scott Baller of Saturate Church talks about going home to home spreading the gospel — as this country so desperately needs right now.

Why “Christian Nationalist” Should Be a Compliment

Thursday, February 22

Charlie is joined by Matt Schlapp to get an update live from CPAC, ask who the people want as VP, and learn about frightful moves emanating from the World Health Organization. He also talks to Russ Voght about why “Christian nationalism,” far from being a slur, is a positive force for America. For more content, become a member at!

My Lunch With Trump

Thursday, February 22

Wait, isn't President Trump world supposed to be fed up with Charlie? That's what all the press reports were saying — but you know what they say about fake news. Charlie reports on his meeting with Trump yesterday down in Mar-a-Lago, then launches into the big story of the day: The hilarious but also unsettling wokeness of Google's new AI, which avoids showing white people at all costs. For more content, become a member at!