It’s time for Jews to leave the left

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Carl Jackson was born and raised in Los Angeles, California by his mother and father until the age of 11 when his mother died unexpectedly of a chronic illness. Carl attempted to find his way as the youngest of six who were lost without the strength of their matriarch. He moved back and forth between L.A and Orlando, FL trying to find his way in life. With the help of family and friends he was introduced to hard work, faith, and family values. However, as a struggling teen he wandered down the path of least resistance, finding himself in jail twice and with a child he had to fight to raise.

By the grace of God and insistence by his brother and friend he attended an evangelical church and found that there was a better way. Once he accepted Jesus Christ as his savior, he began to develop a greater desire to understand who God is and why it mattered. He began to see that the cultural dependence on government promoted by the Democrat leaders among his community rejected dependence upon God. As he studied America’s history, he discovered that despite America’s flaws, particularly slavery, God used our Founding Fathers to create our Constitution within the context of the Bible and world history. Its divine and exceptional nature is undeniable.

It was during his newfound love for American history that he discovered the Democrat party perpetuated slavery, formed the KKK, and fought against the civil rights of minorities. With this hidden history Carl was launched on a journey to help people of all races and backgrounds discover facts of history as well as realize the benefits of utilizing their God-given gifts and talents far outweigh any benefit from a government subsidy. 

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Tuesday, October 24

Jewish Americans are in an abusive relationship with the Progressive Left and it’s time for them to get out. 1400 innocent Jews were bound, burned to death, shot, beheaded, dismembered and more by Hamas Islamic terrorists on 10/7/23. Instead of universal outrage and horror, many left-wing institutions and groups around the world celebrated the massacre. When you’re in an abusive relationship it’s easy to keep quiet, rationalize and minimize the abuse. However, if Jews don’t speak out against the left, Carl argues they’ll regret it. The left hates Jews period. It’s time for them to wake up and leave the left More: Facebook: witter: Parler: