Proof: The Deep State is Real - The Paxton Impeachment Sham

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Friday, September 8

When elected leaders refuse to give up power to bureaucrats they impeach you. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is the latest victim of a deep state witch hunt. Paxton dared to refuse to bow down to the career bureaucrats in Austin. Those bureaucrats sought revenge. On top of that, Ken Paxton fought back against the radical liberal agenda, and won! This was too much for the left to take. Like President Trump, the radicals are on a quest to destroy Ken Paxton. Today we go through the testimony of one of those deep state bureaucrats. It is eye-opening. It is also proof of their arrogance. Their disregard for the people they are supposed to serve. There’s nothing short of stunning and disturbing. This is a must watch cross. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram: