Partnering with the Enemy

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Thursday, August 17

U.S. Tech & Defense Firms Partner with Chinese Military on Weapons that could be used Against us. The United States continues to allow American Companies to collaborate with Chinese Aerospace and military firms. A report from Rand shows that the U.S. is the number one provider of technology in many areas of the Chinese Military Complex. Just look at some of Rand's Findings • The effect of U.S.-Chinese research collaboration should be viewed in terms of threats and benefits. We find evidence of both. – In terms of threats, U.S.-based organizations have coauthored more aerospace engineering publications with Chinese organizations with linkages to the People’s Liberation Army in recent years than in the past. ■ There is a nontrivial amount of U.S.-Chinese research collaboration on sensitive topics, such as hypersonic systems. – In terms of benefits, we find that aerospace publications written by teams composed of researchers from the United States and China have greater-than-average influence and are more interdisciplinary The reality is, these collaborations could ultimately be used against us. Nicole Tsai of the New Federal State of China Joins us to discuss. @NFSCspeaks