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Main Stream Media Financial Implosion - The People Don't Want Fake News or Taylor Swift

Wednesday, January 31

I spent 20 years in main stream media working for NBC stations across the country.  I left 12 years ago in disgust.  Sadly, the state of the main stream media has only gotten worse.  It's fascination with Taylor Swift and celebrities like her, over took the mission of journalism.  Add in the quest to destroy conservatism and the fundamental values that this nation was founded on, the media turned into leftist propagandists.  It is NOT what the people want.  So the media is getting a harsh lesson in free markets.   ABC, NBC, CBS, The Washington Post, The New York Times, The L.A. Times, Vox, Vice News, NPR and Buzzfeed are all laying off hundreds of employees.  The reality is Americans are fed up with the fake news and celebrity gossip.  It is why outlets like The Gateway Pundit and Real America's Voice along with so many other conservative outlets are flourishing.

Inside the Democrats "Deep State" Plan to Oust Joe and Insert Michelle Obama before November.

Monday, January 29

There is a lot of talk about Michelle Obama being the Democrat nominee for the Presidency. Joe Biden has shown no signs of leaving. So how do the Democrats make this happen? The reality is, they already prepared for it. Party rules make it easy to insert whoever they want as the nominee come convention time in August. This podcast explains the rules that few people know exist. Those rules allow party elites to pick their choice over the peoples choice. There is only one problem, they have to get Joe Biden out of the way. They have a plan for that too! Does Michelle Obama want the job? The answer is yes. We uncovered the audio from Michelle herself, that proves she will be the next shadow president for her husband. We can not allow Barrack Obama to call the shots for another 4 years.

Invasion Declared, Now TX Governor Abbott Needs to Stop the Show and Start the Enforcement

Friday, January 26

A growing list of Republican governors announced they stand with Texas Governor Greg Abbott in the State’s showdown against the Biden administration over the seized border park in Eagle Pass, Texas. Speaker of the House Mike Johnson also stated his support. A who’s who of Republican governors announced their support for the State of Texas and Governor Abbott’s fight against the Biden administration’s open border policies. The list includes Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp, Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, Virginia Governor Glen Youngkin, and West Virginia Governor Jim Justice. Title Sponsor: 805-601-6000

Biden's Terrorist: Terror Threat Made... Terrorist Let In? Where is he NOW?!?!

Wednesday, January 24

Video has surfaced of the man believed to be Movsum Samadov, making threats against the United States. The once leader of The Islamic Party of Azerbaijan has a long history of ties to terrorism. The video was taken along the southern border of the United States. The man in the video appears to be Samadov chastising independent journalists on the ground for being, "not smart enough to know who i am, but soon you will know who I am." That sounds like a threat. The question is where is Samadov now? Here is what we know about Movsum Samadov: On January 20th, 2011, Samadov was charged with "preparing a crime" (Art. 28 ACC), "preparing terrorism committed on preliminary arrangement by group of persons, by organized group or criminal community (criminal organization)" (Art. 214.2.1 ACC), "preparing terrorism committed with application of fire-arms or subjects used as a weapon" (Art. 214.2.3 ACC), "illegally purchasing, transferring, selling, storing, transporting, and carrying firearms, accessories, supplies, and explosives committed by organized group" (Art. 228.3 ACC), and "actions directed on violent capture power or violent deduction power" (Art. 278 ACC). He served 12 years in prison for those crimes. One year ago he was released from prison and now it seems he is free to roam about the U.S. When he says, "Soon you will know who I am," one can only wonder, what does he mean? My assumption is it is not good. May God Bless this nation that is under siege thanks to Joe Biden and his fellow Democrats. Title Sponsor: 805-601-6000

More Proof Biden is a Dementia Ridden Disaster...

Monday, January 22

During a speech to a large group of Mayors visiting the White House from across the country Joe Biden had a series of gaffes, blunders and incomprehensible statements. The reality is these are all signs of mid to moderate stage dementia. He will show a bizarre range of emotions at inappropriate times. From whispering and yelling, to mumbling and bumbling Joe Biden put it all on display in one speech. Everyday Joe Biden proves himself to be the greatest national security threat this nation faces. He does not have the mental capacity or wherewithal to make critical decisions, certainly not at a moments notice. Hear for yourself the decline of the man who holds the office of the presidency.

WEF - It's Not Just a War on Farmers, It's a War on Humanity

Friday, January 19

The global elites are gathering in Davos Switzerland to figure out ways they can take over the world. It is an evil villain convention. They are open about their hatred of all of us. The "Useful Idiots" as one speaker dubbed the masses. What is at play here. What is there goal? We go through the globalist plot to thin the heard, take power and make billions.

Tricky Nikki Haley... Exposed as a Globalist Flip Flopper

Wednesday, January 17

There is a lot of talk about Nikki Haley being a liberal.  Even Tucker Carlson called her one.  I think she is worse than a liberal.  She is globalist profiteer who falsely disguises herself as a conservative.  This makes her more dangerous than a self described liberal.  Because she will do anything she can to dupe the uninformed to vote for her.  Haley is also transactional.  She is a political chameleon.  She changes her position depending on what crowd she is talking to.  She has no real convictions except to help the billionaire donor class who are all engrained in the military industrial complex.   This podcast should serve as an investigative dossier of truth into who Nikki Haley really is.  Rest assured, the Haley for President team does not want you to see what I am about to show you. TWC.Health/Grant

Vivek is Losing my Trust with his Sneaky Mind Games.

Monday, January 15

Republican Presidential Candidate Vivek Ramaswamy is stooped to an all time low.  He used mental manipulation on an unsuspecting Trump supporter.  Instead of playing games with minds of voters in Iowa, Vivek should be throwing his support behind President Trump. Ramaswamy's new mantra: "Save Trump Vote for Vivek" is a fallacy.  He should be ashamed of himself.   Also, we show you exactly why Joe Biden needs to be defeated.  "Creepy Joe" is at it again.  We break down the must see "Chester the molester" style video of Joe Biden in action.

President Trump Continues to Crush his Critics with Truth Bombs!

Thursday, January 11

President Trump is in a New York court today for closing arguments in the witch hunt trial against him. His truth telling is resonating as the deceitful prosecutors attacking him continue to be exposed as fraudsters and Democrat party hacks. Plus CNN, once again, lies to its viewers. We expose them with some truth of our own. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

Hunter isn't the Coward, Republicans are for Not Arresting Him!

Wednesday, January 10

It doesn't take to much arrogance or boldness to show up at your own Contempt of Congress hearing when you know the media will protect you,  Not to mention Republicans are well known for their weakness.  But that is exactly what Hunter Biden did.  He showed up, Republicans blasted him, and then he walked out. The reality is Hunter Biden is out playing Republicans.  He is winning the PR game and making Republicans look foolish.  He said he was there to testify, Republicans say no, and now those very same Republicans are forced to argue why he should be held in contempt after he just offered to speak to them.  With a biased media, and corrupt Democrats, it's an argument Republicans will never win. House Republicans waited to long to hold him in contempt.  They should have ordered the Sargent at Arms to arrest him on the spot,  they didn't.  That would have taken, "Balls."  Something the majority of Congressional Republicans rarely have.

Today, Anyone with a (D) Next to their Name is a Threat to Democracy

Monday, January 8

Democrat's have mastered the art of the talking points. Over the weekend the Biden Administration dispatched dozens of leftist propagandists to start pushing the bogus mantra that "Trump is a threat to democracy." It is the most hypocritical statement to come from team Biden. We know, that Joe Biden and his weaponized Justice Department along with his assault on freedom is pushing America into the depths that will be hard to recover from. The reality is he has the media to cover for him and push this non-sensical talking point. Margaret Brennan of CBS went on the attack over the weekend. Her bias against Republicans was on full display as she interviewed Speaker of the House Mike Johnson. We break it down. Lastly, we call out Nikki Haley as the flip flopper that she really is. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

It's Simple: Pres. Trump Must be Kept on the Ballot. Congress Ordered it!

Friday, January 5

The provisions of the 14th Amendment that are being used to disqualify Donald Trump from the ballot are no longer in effect. They were repealed by Congress in the late 19th Century. A legal brief filed with the Supreme Court by the Public Interest Legal Foundation correctly points this out. The brief asserts that the legal viability of Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment, the basis of Colorado’s decision, was repealed by Congress in 1872 and 1898. Section 3, passed just 3 years after the end of the American Civil War, prohibits those who “have engaged in insurrection or rebellion” from occupying offices. Which means those provisions are no longer in force whatsoever. It is the most basic legal argument to toss any attempt to keep President Trump off the ballot. PILF argues, Congress in 1872 and 1898 extended an amnesty by repealing the provisions against office holding arising from the Civil War. The 14th Amendment gave Congress the power to terminate the prohibition against those who engaged in “insurrection.” Congress terminated the effectiveness of the provisions, twice.  Therefore, they cannot be used in 2024 to ban candidates from the ballot.

"A Dysfunctional NRA was Far Stronger than a Functional NRA"

Wednesday, January 3

I have never said it in public before but a dysfunctional NRA was far stronger and powerful than the current functional NRA. It is sad to watch the organization I love, tip toe around issues and avoid the spotlight. When I was with NRA TV we, the NRA, were constantly fighting. The members embraced the fight, the fought with us. Now the NRA seems to be quietly drifting into oblivion. I used to say the NRA is the most powerful civil rights organization on the face of the planet. But lawyers, and board running scared, have taken over. With the New York Trial against NRA leader Wayne Lapierre just a few days away, now is the time to come out swinging. Get back to the basics. This episode is a road map of how to do it. The NRA is too big and too important to fail. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

The Biden Crime Family - The Evidence Laid Out for Impeachment. All of it!

Monday, January 1

If someone you know doesn't believe there is actual evidence supporting the theory that the Biden Crime Family is corrupt, this is the video you need them to watch. There are none others like it. Grant Stinchfield lays out the most damming pieces of evidence against Joe Biden and his family in an easy to comprehend manner. He relies on facts not speculation. One of the biggest problems for Biden Crime Family investigators is the overwhelming amount of evidence against Joe Biden, Hunter Biden and family. There is so much evidence, it is difficult for the American people to grasp the significance of the shell companies, suspicious bank wire reports, the text messages and the shady business deals. This video puts it all in perspective. If you want an in-depth look at just how deep the corruption is among the Biden family, this video is a must watch. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

The "Undecided Sheep" in America are Destroying us with their Inability to Be Bold

Thursday, December 28

The "Independent Voter" is a farce. Few if any still exist today. And if you are one of the few undecided voters in America today, you are weak minded. Your inability to trust yourself and be proud of your choice, is destroying our country.  Fear is the driving factor behind not wanting to publicly pick a side. Grant explains why the weak minded, fearful voter poses just as big a risk to the nation as the proud liberal does. The solution is for us to be bold, and show the fearful there is strength in numbers. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

More Evidence Emerges that January 6th was a Set Up Job!

Tuesday, December 26

Uniformed cops caught on camera changing into Trump supporter outfits? That is the claim made by Congressman Clay Higgins during a recent interview with Lara Logan. He insists he has seen the video of the law enforcement officers appearing to go undercover. We need to find these officers and question them. The Reality is no one in Washington seems to want the find the real answers. This includes far to many Republicans as well. We will never stop investigating January 6th in our quest for the truth. Plus, Climate Depot founder Mark Morano is with us to explain why leftists and climate change zealots want us eating bugs. Go figure, it all comes back to money. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

Baby It's Cold Outside... Triggers the Left and I say GOOD!

Monday, December 25

Ray Charles iconic "Baby it's Cold Outside" is a classic. Alpha men across the globe know exactly what tone Ray Charles is taking and it is NOT a "rape culture" attitude the left wants you to believe it is. Men have been trying to persuade women to "stay a little longer" since the caveman days. Now John Legend wants to go "Me Too" Beta Male on us. In 2019 he released his woke and pathetic version of the classic. On this Christmas we break down the differences between the two songs and let you decide what your favorite version is. Grant made his choice and it's very clear. Also, Jill Biden released what is being dubbed a a very creepy and weird Christmas video. The question is, did tax payers pay for this bizarre video that looks more like a Willy Wonka production than a Christmas performance. And a gift from the gift that keeps on giving, Kamala Harris. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

President Trump Needs to Hold a Rally in CO ASAP!

Wednesday, December 20

If President Donald Trump wants to continue his quest to Make America Great Again he needs to hold a rally this weekend in Colorado. It would be a classic Trump move. A Trump rally in Colorado would send a clear message that he can not be stopped or deterred. It would be the ultimate troll. Sadly the left's weaponized justice system isn't just on display in Colorado, but it can be found in liberal cities across the country. We uncovered audio of Los Angeles District Attorney George Gascon's newest Chief of Staff. Tiffiny Blacknell exposes herself as an intense radical who wants to close prisons and defund the police. She is the exact opposite of someone you would expect to be running a prosecutor's office, unless of course chaos is the main goal. We have the audio that is a must hear. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

The Media's Claims about the Ramifications of Trump Presidency are Absurd. You Have to Hear Them!

Monday, December 18

The media is so desperate to stop Donald Trump it is now creating outrageous claims about his potential actions when he becomes President.  The problem is the claims are so outlandish, only the most sheltered blind liberal zombies will believe them.  In fact, the media's latest idea that Trump will create "concentration camps and assassinate his rivals" are so out of line they are back firing on the media.  It's another reason why Joe Biden is losing to President Trump in nearly every latest poll.  The people have lost all trust in the devious main stream media. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram:

Border Patrol Agent: When Not Driving Illegals, We are Making them Sandwich's!

Friday, December 15

Border Patrol agents are now telling us their moral is at an all time low.  No longer do they enforce the law or patrol "the line," they have been relegated to paper pushers Uber drivers and sandwich makers for those here illegally. The open border disaster now extends to every city in America.  We take you to Chicago were we uncover a warehouse, housing 2700 Illegal's.  This as homeless veterans are sleeping outside on the street. Promo code Grant Promo code Grant15 Promo code Grant The Apple subscribe link is here: The Spotify subscribe link is here: Stinchfield website Instagram: