Week in Review - Episode 7

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The Mike Gallagher Show is a daily visit with America's happy conservative warrior.  Whether it's politics, culture, entertainment or the media, Mike dives in to the issues of the day with a vengeance.

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Friday, May 26

The seventh episode of The Mike Gallagher Show’s “Week in Review Podcast” features all the significant topics we’ve covered this week. Ron DeSantis announces he is running for President and his whole plan with Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces had a few technical glitches. The View was triggered by Tim Scott’s announcement that he is running for President. Whoopi Goldberg says he has Clarence Thomas syndrome. The NAACP has issued a formal travel advisory for the ‘openly hostile’ Florida. The NAACP President of Fort Lauderdale/Broward County area in Florida accuses Ron DeSantis of literally killing Black Americans. Author, Journalist, and Fox News Contributor Raymond Arroyo joins Mike at the National Religious Broadcasters convention to talk about the state of journalism today, the importance of leaning into our faith, and more! CEO and Editor in Chief of Just the News, John Solomon, joins Mike to talk about the expanding GOP field for 2024, Trump’s views on abortion, and much more at NRB.