The No Interruptions Podcast - Should Trump Debate Fellow Republicans?

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Wednesday, May 24

The seventh episode of The Mike Gallagher Show’s “No Interruptions Podcast” features Krysia Lenzo who is a Republican strategist and conservative host Judd Dunning. Krysia has worked on numerous campaigns including serving as Press Secretary to U.S. Senate Candidate Joe Pinion and Attorney General Candidate Michael Henry. Judd is an author, host, producer, and columnist at He is host of “Unapologetic: The Judd Dunning Hour” which is on 790AM KABC. Krysia believes that Donald Trump is correct to not participate in the debates against fellow Republicans. Judd Dunning believes Trump should debate due to this being part of the political process. Was Trump wrong to suggest that he doesn’t want to participate in the debates? Will the questions at the Republican debates be fair? Will the debates benefit Trump at all? Check out Judd Dunning’s work at Check out Krysia Lenzo on Twitter @KrysiaLenzo.