The Ultimate Trump Town Hall Breakdown!

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This show dares to go where no rehearsed talking head or robot politician will ever dare to step. We show you the headlines that no one else does and do it in a way that no one else can. Join Mike Crispi as he takes you through the news of the day in a fast-paced, hard-hitting and uniquely entertaining format.

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Thursday, May 11

Mike Crispi has watched every Trump rally/ town hall since 2015, and he is breaking down Trump’s first performance in the “town hall” setting for the 2024 cycle- Dems LOSE their minds over Trump, Deep state continues to cover for Biden- Our country is being invaded, it’s an all out WAR on the border- Gavin Newsom rejects reparations and tries to pivot, it’s hilarious- Bud stock downgraded, so are polls LYING that say the majority of public supports LGBTQ?- Diane Feinstein makes a mockery of the system, it’s shameful- for more!