Obama Enabled Biden, But Who Enabled Obama?

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This show dares to go where no rehearsed talking head or robot politician will ever dare to step. We show you the headlines that no one else does and do it in a way that no one else can. Join Mike Crispi as he takes you through the news of the day in a fast-paced, hard-hitting and uniquely entertaining format.

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Wednesday, September 6

Biden bizarre behavior continues- Tucker set to sit down with Larry Sinclair for an Obama tell-all, the truth about Obama’s past revisited- Trump Trial update in Georgia- COVID returning with new mask wearing protocol and more- China continues to benefit from regime policies- Maui relief fund led by Oprah and The Rock has a suspicious set-up- Attorney General Ken Paxton impeachment for standing up against voter fraud- OPEC+ tells Biden “we don’t care, prices will go up”- Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/45xEkAX