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This show dares to go where no rehearsed talking head or robot politician will ever dare to step. We show you the headlines that no one else does and do it in a way that no one else can. Join Mike Crispi as he takes you through the news of the day in a fast-paced, hard-hitting and uniquely entertaining format.

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Tuesday, September 26

Biden could care less about families in Hawaii who’s lives are ruined- Government Shutdown nears and weak Republicans make the case to hand Biden a lifeline- Trump rallies in South Carolina- Migrant crisis worsens as pro-migrant propaganda intensifies- Biden’s new “Office of gun violence prevention” is a joke- Liberals double down on support for Ukraine Nazis- The Department of Education is beyond broken, those who still support are disgraceful


Monday, September 25

Biden, Trump new polling is suspiciously reported on widely by all outlets- Dems defend impeachment as inquiry process set to begin-Hillary Clinton says election interference is coming in 24- Dems defend migrant invasion- Ukraine shocking corruption and glorification of Nazi soldier exposed- Bob Menendez case is worse than what is even being reported on- Education Secretary stands against parents speaking at school board meetings

Masculinity in America…Is Andrew Tate The Solution?

Friday, September 22

In this special report episode, we evaluate a fundamental issue plaguing our nation, the Biden regime and the Western world’s attack on traditional “male” values. Weakening men allows for tyranny to be more easily ushered in. Many conservatives are realizing this and many have seen Andrew Tate’s influence to combat this troubling trend. Tate recently sat down with Tucker Carlson and drew fierce condemnation from some on the “right” including Liz Wheeler. We sat down with Liz Wheeler for a civil debate on the matter and more!


Thursday, September 21

Biden gets upstaged by the Middle East who now openly discuss all having Nukes- Biden approval at all time low, so will the Democrats attempt to convict Trump to help them?- New Pennsylvania and New York election laws are pretty bizarre…so why are they being enacted right now?- Biden pumps billions into climate programs while Democrats now say “low income” residents will pay the price hardest for the migrants being resettled- Hunter Biden case update as Merrick Garland shields him 

Biden Mocked By Fellow World Leaders At UN

Wednesday, September 20

Biden Expands Homeland Security with some familiar, lying faces- Ray Epps charged, we unpack the mis-direction at play here- Biden embarrasses the USA at the UN- Zelensky is the “star of the show”- Very strange interconnection between USA and Ukraine being learned- left wingers are “too far gone” in many cases- Russell Brand and Elon Musk Updates- SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf

Zelensky Is Back On US Soil, Begging For More Cash!

Tuesday, September 19

Zelensky is back in the USA- The Military denies it has gone woke- The Government shutdown is looming- Biden encouraged immigration surge, and now the inner city is paying the worst for it- Trump surging, set to rally Autoworkers on strike- Hunter Biden’s lawsuit vs. the IRS- SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf

Big Pharma Seeks Revenge On Russell Brand

Monday, September 18

McCarthy and Trump give interviews over the weekend, we break down the most important things learned- Zelensky justifies continued war-spending and now parrots GOP Neocons- Obama’s Migrant crisis, he started it and this is the next phase of the plan- Biden attempts to shield deep state, ban his enemies as public now overwhelmingly support his impeachment- Russell Brand spoke truth, now they come for him- Lauren Boebert issues an apology- A glimpse into how lockdown decisions were made- SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf

Don't Fall For The Hunter Biden Distraction

Friday, September 15

Hunter Biden indicted but the timing and the circumstances surrounding it could not be more dubious- Merrick Garland caught lying red handed- Biden launches his Bidenomics vs. Maganomics campaign, we evaluate the difference between the two doctrines- the plan for a digital currency? Members of congress finally fight back- Vaccine mandates are back…will people stand up this time?- Fani Willis takes an “L” as Trump’s legal outlook improves 

Migrant Surge Filled With 'BAD HOMBRES'

Thursday, September 14

Does Biden know what his Pentagon is doing? One can’t be sure- Ukraine and Milley colliding against the American people?- The legacy of Mitt Romney- Nancy Pelosi comes out swinging against Kamala Harris-NY Governor issues warning about not getting the vaccine- Migrants surge border in calculated fashion as Border Patrol whistleblower tells all- Bidenomics exposed for a farce - CNN turning on Biden? - SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf

Will Elon Musk Start WWIII?!

Wednesday, September 13

SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf DC Reacts to Impeachment news as mainstream media circles the wagons on an INSANE cover up for Biden- Dems act as if migrant situation is being handled properly as Homelessness spikes to all time high in America and household income an all-time low- Masks are returning as Fauci ADMITS vaccine can cause heart problems- CIA whistleblower says agents were bribed to withhold COVID info- Elon Musk vs. Elizabeth Warren over whether to start World War III- Mexican Government shows us…Aliens?- SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf

McCarthy's Impeachment Scheme EXPOSED!

Tuesday, September 12

Biden’s tribute to 9/11 falls flat and was filled with lies-Illegal immigrants being prioritized and Red-State Governors doin’t seem interested in doing anything about it- Biden makes foreign policy moves that nobody can be a fan of- Trump surging as House GOP drags impeachment inquiry- Another insurrection at the capitol…this time left wingers- Virginia House candidate BUSTED- SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf

We've Studied 9/11 Extensively...Here's What We Found

Monday, September 11

Remembering 9/11 and delivering the hard truth about the events of that day- Biden’s disastrous trip to Vietnam- CNN pushes a World War III- Kamala Harris being readied to take over?- Eric Adams walks back migrant rhetoric while Left wingers attack him- New Mexico does “trial run” for gun confiscation-  SUPPORT PRESIDENT TRUMP, FREE SIGNED MUGSHOT POSTER WITH CAMPAIGN DONATION OF $35 (sponsored): https://bit.ly/483Nhnf

Establishment DUMPS Desantis…for Nikki Haley

Friday, September 8

The media has a meltdown over Trump’s surge and inevitable gains in the polls- the mainstream conservative media begins to prop up Haley as their chosen one as Desantis campaign looks very much over- The housing market is in chaos due to 3 organizations’ quest to buy 60% of single family homes- RFK Jr. Is one of us, don’t buy the uniparty talking points- Burning man festival pre-cursor to new disease nationally?- Grocery store lootings now have us looking like a communist country with far fewer options being stocked on the shelves- Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/3QQwEW1

Obama's Gay Sex Lover Reveals All!

Thursday, September 7

Hunter Biden Indictment coming, but will he do any time?- Kevin McCarthy claims he will begin an impeachment inquiry, but is this just a cover up to avoid getting ANYTHING done in the House?- Tucker sits down with Obama's former Gay Sex Lover Larry Sinclair for an insane interview- USA threatens North Korea with Nuclear conflict- Biden Regime pushing masks and a potential airborne vaccine?- Liberty Safe turns over Gun Safe code to the FBI without a Court Order...can we trust these companies?- Bud Light gets a major investor...Bill Gates- Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/45xEkAX

Obama Enabled Biden, But Who Enabled Obama?

Wednesday, September 6

Biden bizarre behavior continues- Tucker set to sit down with Larry Sinclair for an Obama tell-all, the truth about Obama’s past revisited- Trump Trial update in Georgia- COVID returning with new mask wearing protocol and more- China continues to benefit from regime policies- Maui relief fund led by Oprah and The Rock has a suspicious set-up- Attorney General Ken Paxton impeachment for standing up against voter fraud- OPEC+ tells Biden “we don’t care, prices will go up”- Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/45xEkAX

ADL & The Feds Caught Red Handed!

Tuesday, September 5

Elon Musk, The ADL and Free Speech- Nazi Protests over weekend have strange connection to Ukraine AND January 6th- Biden cratering in approval, as Dr. Jill “diagnosed” with COVID- New Round of COVID Lockdowns coming?- Media pleas with black community not to support Trump- Carjackings blamed on automakers…the story gets worse- Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/45xEkAX

McCarthy Touts Historic GOP House Success...What a JOKE!

Friday, September 1

Biden Regime welds open border to intentionally increase the flow of migrants- Hawaii is told to “drop dead” by FEMA- Proud Boy J6er gets 17 years of prison- Brian Kemp defends Fani Willis- Will Trump get knocked off ballot- McCarthy makes promises and touts success of GOP house (what a joke)- Biden’s worst month of his presidency? Set up to be dumped? Jim Nelles joins us to discuss- Law and order the Democrat way- Drones to surveil good people, looters get a pass- 


Thursday, August 31

Wagner Group claims leader killed in crash now ALIVE- Putin and China set for historic meeting- Biden and McConnell are the epitome of the uniparty-  Biden’s new economic scheme will harm Americans greatly but he does it for “votes”- Big Pharma pushing for a new round of 8 figure profits- Fani Willis social media posts revealed- Twitter/ X is doomed- Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/3QQwEW1

EXCLUSIVE Body Cam Footage: Christie Menaces Cop At Traffic Stop

Wednesday, August 30

Desantis campaign heads for the death spiral as he is fully unprepared to deal with the impending Hurricane- Crispi EXCLUSIVE: Christie confronts cop during traffic stop of an aide, we have the body cam footage- Trump surges ahead in polls of Biden as foreign world leaders call his behavior "communist"- Migrant crisis worsens in NYC as Eric Adams digs his heels in and a GOP NY Congresswoman lies to her supporters- Vivek caught in a strange lie- Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/3QQwEW1

GOP Politicians Make MILLIONS Supporting Ukraine War

Tuesday, August 29

Biden corruption continues, 5,400 fake emails used as cover-up- Hawaii story doesn’t add up as the situation becomes more obviously a lie- Trump trial date set, textbook election interference- Neocons EXPOSED, Nikki Haley a massive fraud, the danger to the GOP this group poses- UNC shooting a COVID coverup?- The justice system sides with trannies-  Say NO to more mandates: https://bit.ly/3QQwEW1