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This show dares to go where no rehearsed talking head or robot politician will ever dare to step. We show you the headlines that no one else does and do it in a way that no one else can. Join Mike Crispi as he takes you through the news of the day in a fast-paced, hard-hitting and uniquely entertaining format.

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Trump will Skip First Primary Debate in August

Monday, June 5

RNC lays out rules for Debate- new candidates jump in race- Kim Jong Un becomes center of discussion- RFK Jr. picks up Dem momentum- Deep State backs Biden- Big corporations who control government discuss “forced” change- pride demonstrations for children occur over weekend- money laundered that was supposed to go to homeless in large cities- Lori Lightfoot’s new job- continued new details emerging on debt ceiling fallout- Biden takes victory lap as MTG is enraged- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

Exclusive Info on Status of Biden's Health Decline

Friday, June 2

Joe Biden takes a TUMBLE, exclusive reporting regarding his health and fitness for office- Flashback to the media Obsession over Donald Trump's fitness for office- Desantis and Trump hold campaign events in New Hampshire and Iowa- We notice something interesting about Casey Desantis- Lindsey Graham is MAD the Debt bill doesn't have more Ukraine money- Recap of the ramifications of the Debt deal now that it is headed to Biden's desk- Barack Obama's LGBTQ past ties exposed?- Matt Gaetz stops a drag show at a military base- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

GOP Leaders Sell Us Out, Biden Wins Big in Debt Deal

Thursday, June 1

Debt Deal Passes, Kevin McCarthy breaks all of his promises- Full analysis of what this means for the future- Pence and Christie hop into GOP race in attempt to hurt Trump-Biden corruption scandal intensifies as FBI covers for him-Weapons we sent to Ukraine now being used by the Mexican cartel because…of course- The Supreme court rules in favor of the IRS over you- Big city Democrats begin to turn on each other- Anheuser Bush has a shocking new Pride Month strategy - MikeCrispi.com for more

MTG and McCarthy Vs... Everyone?

Wednesday, May 31

Debt ceiling bill reaches fever pitch as voting begins today, this is the MOST IMPORTANT stand for congress- Trump vs. Kayleigh? How the relationship soured- Desantis stumps for the first time in Iowa- Alphabet Mafia forces apologies and shame, how do they have this power?- AOC Parody account causes AOC to freak out and it’s amazing- MikeCrispi.com for more!

Kevin McCarthy's Massive Debt Deal Failure

Tuesday, May 30

FULL BREAKDOWN of the Debt Ceiling Deal, Did McCarthy CAVE to Biden and the Democrats? Is it time to give Kevin the boot?- Memorial Day marked by bi-partisan cringe moments, what's happening to American patriotism?- Why did Russia issue an arrest warrant for Lindsey Graham? - Top Desatis aid who Crispi argued with on Twitter says THIS about the CIA and Ukraine- China ignores USA peace talks- Next false flag a Power Grid attack?- The EU moves forward to ban Twitter- Lulu Leomon employees FIRED for calling the cops during robbery while White House Uhaul "terrorist" is quietly released and charges dropped - MikeCrispi.com for more

Official DHS Label Now Classifies MAGA as Domestic Terrorism

Friday, May 26

The Biden regime sinks to having historically low support among the public - Biden labels YOU (MAGA supporters) Domestic extremists per new DHS guidelines- Sudden deflection away from the invasion occuring at the southern border, Biden declares war on non-existent white extremism- The USA braces for World War III as the regime has continued to lie every step of the way on military support- Is Putin a better man than Joe Biden?- Texas RINOS look to oust Attorney General who stands for election integrity- Desantis campaign Day 2 updates- NY voter database breach, rendered useless- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

An All Out GOP Civil War Has Begun, And It's a Good Thing!

Thursday, May 25

FULL breakdown of the Desantis campaign launch on Twitter Spaces, A Preview of Desantis’ campaign strategy- Trump responds and the fight is ON!- Why we should embrace a GOP primary- BLM going bankrupt but their mission has been accomplished- Christians under attack In America, Biden shrugs it off- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

Desantis And Elon Musk Team Up As Trump Surges

Wednesday, May 24

Biden thinks he’s negotiating out of the “Great Depression”- Liberals say they will riot if GOP does spending cuts- USA ready to run out of money?- Desantis launches campaign TODAY on Twitter with Elon Musk, is this the right move?- White House touts border success as leftists begin protesting migrants getting better treatment than them- Another staged White Supremacy event with this Uhaul nonsense?- Kari Lake loses case, how do we stop voter fraud?- New health studies show strokes on rise for young people…shocker- MikeCrispi.com for more!

Inside Scoop On The Impending Desantis Announcement

Tuesday, May 23

BBC Creates an army of fake accounts to “study” misinformation- Democrats claim there is no interest in a primary debate as Kennedy polls at 20%- Biden wildly unpopular with black Americans- World War III directly escalated by Biden- DNA tests being nixed at border, why?- Tim Scott enters 2024 race- Desantis announcement coming this week- Fox News pushes transgenderism- Target pushes Satanic LGBTQ designs, a boycott must happen- 60,000 pounds of explosives go missing?- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

Russia Overwhelmingly Winning War, So Now What, Biden?

Monday, May 22

Major developments in Russia- Ukraine War, Russia takes MOST IMPORTANT CITY, major reason for US funding, Bakmut, Biden Refutes reality but proof is all over, now what?- Billions more pledged to endless war, we reveal the end game- Migrants flood into NYC and major cities as military helps facilitate the invasion- Bill Gates conspiracy theories confirmed with Epstein- Libs try to cover up homeless vets story, but it’s a major lie- Biden stumbles literally and figuratively at the G7, takes credit for Trump accomplishments- The NAACP is mad at Florida!- MikeCrispi.com

The FBI Crushes All Who Oppose Them, Whistleblowers Give Insane Testimony

Friday, May 19

The Deep state continues to work on a radical agenda despite claiming they wanted to return to “normal”- Pronouns now MANDATORY in the state department- The FBI is exposed not only for going after innocent people, but fellow agents who asked questions- FBI agents fired for sharing news articles with eachother- MTG introduces articles of impeachment against Biden, is this real?- The Debt ceiling negotiations go on- Fetterman and Rachel Levine, PA’s finest, are now running DC- Desantis indicates who he wants as his VP- Megan and Harry go full BLM- NEW: ASK THE AUDIENCE Segment!- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

Democrats Caught Funding Human Trafficking Rapists at Border

Thursday, May 18

Why are so many companies going woke in coordinated fashion?- Pride month is upon us and Biden foreign policy surrounds around LGBTQ over world peace- Based member of congress removes protester himself- will Durham testify?- Kari Lake trial update- Human traffickers have been empowered by left in Central America- Dems look other way on child rape- Hannity set to replace Tucker- Elon musk exposes Soros and the left melts down-MikeCrispi.com for more!

Desantis Goes Head To Head with Trump on Endorsements, Gets Crushed

Wednesday, May 17

John Fetterman cannot perform the basic duties of a man let alone a Senator- Jean Pierre runs away when asked about Durham Report- Lindsay Graham and Matt Gaetz have different rhetoric on fallout of report- A look back at “squishy” GOP stances- Major elections in Kentucky and Florida last night spell trouble for Desantis- Piers Morgan attempts to rescue him- Tran Manifesto being BLOCKED from release as left-wing doubles down attack on children- Biden appoints a new NIH director- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

Hillary, VP Biden, Obama, Comey, Lynch ALL CAUGHT Red Handed!

Tuesday, May 16

Trump vindicated in Russia Witch Hunt- What now?- How badly does this implicate Top Democrats? We break down the Durham Report- Can we Dismantle the FBI at this point and how would that work?-  A look back at the worst lies told with no consequence- Biden Crime family continues to be protected- New York City uses PUBLIC SCHOOLS to house migrants- Miller Lite joins Bud Light- MikeCrispi.com for more!

Migrants Flood Major Cities as Veterans Booted From Shelters!

Monday, May 15

Biden blames White Supremacy as #1 threat facing the country- Biden deep state seeks to punish whistleblowers- Deep state stages a fake White Supremacy demonstration, we have proof- Migrants flood the country and are placed in hotels and schools around the country as crime and human trafficking skyrockets- Trump and Desantis focus on Iowa- The left attacks radio-  MikeCrispi.com for more!

Shocking New Details Expose Trump Rape Accuser As Massive Fraud!

Friday, May 12

Biden makes new INSANE comments- Media melts down over Trump town hall- E Jean Carroll EXPOSED as a fraud in real time, will the media report it?- Jordan Neely Subway Hero is CHARGEd by Alvin Bragg- Major cities sue auto makers instead of stopping car jackers- Southern Border invasion has INSANE new details, this is the end of America- Ava Chen joins us to discuss Hunter’s CCP business dealings exposed by House Oversight- Elon Musk hires a new CEO of Twitter?- Trump rally PREVIEW!- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

The Ultimate Trump Town Hall Breakdown!

Thursday, May 11

Mike Crispi has watched every Trump rally/ town hall since 2015, and he is breaking down Trump’s first performance in the “town hall” setting for the 2024 cycle- Dems LOSE their minds over Trump, Deep state continues to cover for Biden- Our country is being invaded, it’s an all out WAR on the border- Gavin Newsom rejects reparations and tries to pivot, it’s hilarious- Bud stock downgraded, so are polls LYING that say the majority of public supports LGBTQ?- Diane Feinstein makes a mockery of the system, it’s shameful- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

Breaking: The Biden Crime Family Comes Crumbling Down

Wednesday, May 10

BREAKING News from House Oversight bringing the hammer down on Hunter Biden and Joe Biden’s crimes, Is it legit?- Trump found GUILTY by New York Court, how does this happen?- George Santos ARRESTED today, but everyone in congress is a literal criminal, including communist heroes-Tucker brings his show to TWITTER and teams up with Elon Musk- Illegal Immigration situation is about to explode, Biden and the Democrats PLANNED this, we have proof- MikeCrispi.com for more! 

Biden Crime Family Must Pay the Price Today!

Tuesday, May 9

The Biden regime continues to look the other way on border crime because they are profiting off of human trafficking and chaos- The Democrats stage “insurrections” at state capitols across the USA as an intimidation tactic and nobody does anything about it- The Proud Boy leaders get sentenced to jail, did they get a fair trial?- Hunter and Joe Biden implicated in massive wide scale crime, will TODAY be the day something finally happens about it?- The integrity of the Supreme Court is being ripped apart by liberals…of course- Lori Lightfoot proclaims people who don’t like black women mayors are racist!- MikeCrispi.com for more

Texas Shooter Was in Cartel, Media Labels Him White Supremacist!

Monday, May 8

Biden polling in the dumpster, but there is a reason the media is now piling on- your right to self defense is on the line- George Floyd 2.0 is attempting to be played out before your very eyes- Texas CHAOS as Title 42 set to end- Media labels violent Mexican criminals as “white supremacists” and their cover up is absolutely insane- Desantis “debate prep” video leaks as he sets to announce bid against Trump- Democrats lied about Gas stove bans in 2021, Lied about trannies- MikeCrispi.com for more!