Who is Really Politicizing Finance?

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Meeting of Minds brings together the top minds in history, theology, finance, economics, language, mathematics and science. Host Jerry Bowyer invites guests to be both intelligent and clear and to follow truth wherever it leads.

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Thursday, October 27

The ESG "Socially Responsible Investing" industry is on the defense. Having pushed the ideological edge too far forward, they are reaching a point of resistance, particularly from red state treasurers and attorneys general. As these gatekeepers resist the politicization of finance, they are now being accused by the people who really are politicizing finance. For example, Treasurer Allison Ball of energy-producing Kentucky is blowing the whistle on anti-energy activism by Wall Street firms and pushing back on behalf of her constituents. She believes that "You cannot serve two masters." Her single goal is to pursue financial returns for her constituents and not to blend that with an externally imposed social justice agenda. She joins Jerry for this latest edition of Meeting of Minds.