Treasurer Challenges Blackrock: Can Somone Who Flew Here on a Private Jet Understand Someone on a Pension?

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Saturday, August 26

Like most people who run for a constitutional state-level row office, Dan Elliott has a business background and a desire to focus on “worker bee” type issues, such as cyber-security. But on the campaign trail running for Indiana Treasurer, he met a law-abiding gun store owner who had his bank account cancelled for no reason other than being a gun store owner. That’s when Elliott became aware that ESG and corporate politicization was going to be battle he would have to fight. Treasurer Elliott talks with Jerry about his frank conversations with Blackrock about retirees who had to decide between food and medicine, and why financial return--and only financial return--should be the focus of the pension plans under his supervision. Elliott also talks about the importance of school choice, and why he administers a program that aids young people who don’t go to college, but instead want to apprentice in the real world.

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