This David has Been Beating the Planned Parenthood Goliath in Corporate Boardrooms for Decades

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Wednesday, September 14

No one has been more involved in fighting for the sanctity of life and marriage in corporate board rooms than Tom Strobhar. In his day job he works as a financial advisor, but since 1989 he has given of his own time, using his financial expertise and authority as a shareholder in major American companies to fight for the moral teachings of his Catholic faith. He has directly influenced scores of companies to drop funding to Planned Parenthood, including AT&T, Berkshire Hathaway and Chevron. He's filed well over a hundred resolutions on matters such as abortion, same sex marriage, pornography and discrimination in the name of diversity. As long ago as 2008, he was already recognized as a veteran "David" in corporate proxies Tom joins Meeting of Minds to discuss how ordinary investors can actually do this, and why we should use the authority we have to witness to the truth in the darkness. 

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