How Pension Managers Use Your Money to Vote Against Your Interests

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Meeting of Minds brings together the top minds in history, theology, finance, economics, language, mathematics and science. Host Jerry Bowyer invites guests to be both intelligent and clear and to follow truth wherever it leads.

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Thursday, May 18

Stephen Moore is one of the leading voices in favor of economic freedom and wealth creation. But being pro-wealth doesn’t necessarily mean being automatically pro-business. Moore talks about a new report created by The Committee to Unleash Prosperity , which exposes how many of the most trusted names in finance have been actually voting with their clients’ money for decarbonization and other policies, which if they were enacted, would severely harm their clients. Few people know that when they invest their money in investment funds, they give up their right to vote on corporate ballots, delegating their voices and their votes to fund managers. But fund managers, often unwittingly, end up voting for policies that are anti-growth, racially charged and highly ideological. Moore and Bowyer discuss the new index, what it tells us about the finance industry and also the limitations of the research.