How Government Outsourced Covid Censorship to Tech Companies

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Thursday, October 19

The New Civil Liberties Alliance ( has exposed the extreme extent to which the Biden Administration has been coercing social media companies to censor the research of credible experts who dared to disagree with the party line on lockdowns, vaccines, and mandatory masking. A combination of legal discovery and Congressional subpoena powers reveals an astounding amount of collusion between the government and social media companies to deprive dissenters from their right to speak and citizens of their right to hear things the government doesn’t like. Even worse, subsequent events have shown the dissenters are right far more often than the enforced consensus. Jenin Younes, the attorney who led NCLA’s efforts in this regard, joined Jerry to talk about what the courts have done to protect the Bill of Rights, and what comes next, and what it was like to sit in a conference room deposing an uncooperative Anthony Fauci.