The Most Impactful Supreme Court Decision on Student Loan Forgiveness

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Main Street Matters with Elaine Parker and Alfredo Ortiz explores the intersection of small business and government policy. With more than 90 million Americans either owning or depending on small business for their household income, policies like taxes, regulations, and access to credit have a huge effect on the American Dream. Elaine and Alfredo talk with small business owners, government officials and office holders, and experts about everything from education to the labor market on this interesting and entertaining podcast.

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Wednesday, July 19

In this episode, Alfredo Ortiz, Elaine Parker, and Karen Harned discuss various legal cases and issues related to small businesses and the American dream. They focus on a recent Supreme Court decision on student loan forgiveness and Job Creators Network's involvement in challenging the administration's program. They also highlight other cases that demonstrate the administration's overreach and emphasize the need for accountability and upholding the Constitution. The speakers delve into the problems with college tuition and student loans, advocating for accountability, measurement of success, and finding solutions. They express hope for positive changes and stress the importance of holding the administration accountable.