Exploring the Benefits of Direct Primary Care: Affordable, Accessible, and Patient-Centered

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Main Street Matters with Elaine Parker and Alfredo Ortiz explores the intersection of small business and government policy. With more than 90 million Americans either owning or depending on small business for their household income, policies like taxes, regulations, and access to credit have a huge effect on the American Dream. Elaine and Alfredo talk with small business owners, government officials and office holders, and experts about everything from education to the labor market on this interesting and entertaining podcast.

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Thursday, July 20

In this episode, Alfredo and Elaine interview Dr. Molly Rutherford, the founder and medical director of Bluegrass Family Wellness Clinic. They discuss the challenges faced by small businesses in finding affordable healthcare solutions and highlight the "Healthcare for You" campaign, which advocates for healthcare reform rooted in the free market. Dr. Rutherford shares her experience with direct primary care and the benefits it offers to patients, including unlimited visits, telemedicine services, and discounted medications. The conversation also addresses the resistance and lack of support from the healthcare system and the role of pharmacy benefit managers in driving up costs. Main Street Matters is part of the Salem Podcast Network - new episodes debut every Wednesday and Thursday. For more information visit JobCreatorsNetwork.com