How authoritarianism and the loss of liberty can come from the secular Left AND the religious Right

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As a constitutional law attorney, former senior legal advisor and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis believes in the rule of law and the importance of integrity in our elections. In each episode of the Jenna Ellis Show, she will tackle the critical cultural and legal issues our country faces.

Monday, September 18

 Christians generally approach the concept of “separation of Church and State” from the conservative Right in terms of political philosophy—rejecting the idea that Christians and Christian principles must be eradicated from civil society in favor of a secular state. But a new (though ages old) threat is arising from the far-Right, which advocated integralism—the idea there is no separation of authority for Church and State and our Constitution, designed for liberty and freedom, must be rejected in favor of established religion and blasphemy laws. This is the philosophy making its way mainstream as “Christian Nationalism.” Scholar and theologian, Dr. William Roach, joins Jenna for a deep dive into what you need to know to rightly divide truth from error on this issue.

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