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As a constitutional law attorney, former senior legal advisor and personal counsel to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis believes in the rule of law and the importance of integrity in our elections. In each episode of the Jenna Ellis Show, she will tackle the critical cultural and legal issues our country faces.

RFK Jr: A Democrat worth Conservatives’ Support?

Monday, June 5

Jenna discusses the 2-hour long Twitter space today with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr and her break down of the 2024 primary field on both sides. Is RFK Jr actually a better presidential candidate than some GOP contenders? Can we even ask that question without responding with tribalism and talking points?

LGBTQ Agenda

Thursday, June 1

Jenna and Costi Hinn take on Pride Month and the truth about what the Bible teaches regarding marriage and human sexuality.

Should Conservatives Support the McCarthy-Biden Deal?

Wednesday, May 31

Congress is voting today on the Fiscal Responsibility Act, the final deal brokered by Speaker McCarthy and Republican Leadership with Biden, Schumer, and the Democrats. Some Republicans are absolutely opposed, so what should conservatives know about the deal? Trish Regan joins Jenna to discuss the details and the practical reality of the debt crisis and looming deadlines. Here’s what you need to know!

What’s Really Going On with the Ken Paxton Impeachment

Tuesday, May 30

Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Matt Rinaldi, joins Jenna to break down what’s really going on behind the scenes with the impeachment proceedings against Attorney General Ken Paxton. The process is being ignored, bad precedent being set, and deals with Democrats are being conceded! Matt and Jenna explain it all and what you need to know about the biggest story not being adequately covered in media—how states are weaponizing the government too.


Monday, May 29

 Former presidential candidate, congresswoman, and Hawaii native Tulsi Gabbard has been a controversial figure for her independent decisions and carving her own path in politics. Jenna sits down with Tulsi for an in-depth discussion beyond the politics, boxes, and labels to discover Tulsi’s unique background, family heritage (did you know she was home schooled?!) and what prompted her to leave the Democrat Party. Plus, what’s next! As the world celebrates international women’s day, Jenna and Tulsi discuss what women can and must do to help protect America for future generations of strong women

Ripped From Tomorrow's Headlines

Thursday, May 25

New York Times best selling author Joel C. Rosenberg joins to discuss his newest book "The Libyan Diversion" plus he voices his concern for Donald Trump's reelection campaign.

Youth & Independents: Will the DeSantis Twitter Space Announcement change politics?

Wednesday, May 24

In an unprecedented and unique format, Gov. Ron DeSantis will announce his bid for President tonight on a Twitter Space and in discussion with Elon Musk, moderated by David Sacks. This novel medium will undoubtedly bring DeSantis as a candidate to new and independent voters in a way beyond a biased headline and legacy media gatekeeping. What can we expect and how will this change the way the political game is played? Brilyn Hollyhand, a 16-year-old political commentator, founder of The Truth Gazette, and co-chair of the RNC Youth Advisory Counsel, joins to discuss! As a first-time voter in 2024, Brilyn also gives his analysis on why keeping an open mind for candidates in the primary is so important!

DeSantis and Elon, plus Heresy Trials

Wednesday, May 24

Gov. Ron DeSantis will announce his candidacy for president in a very unique forum: a Twitter space with Elon Musk. Jenna gives her thoughts on the announcement, why the forum is a brilliant choice for a few reasons you may not have considered.

Governor Ron Desantis Interview

Monday, May 22

Gov. Ron DeSantis joins Jenna to discuss the Florida Blueprint and his commitment to religious liberty, parental rights, and the Constitution. He also responds to when America can expect an announcement for his candidacy for president!

2024: Emotion vs. Rationality

Thursday, May 18

Jenna discusses why she has not endorsed a candidate in the GOP primary and why she amplifies Trump, DeSantis, and other candidates and likewise critiques all candidates, including Trump and DeSantis. Media is a powerful tool, so how should we as conservatives assess the upcoming primary? Then, Steve Cortes, former Trump advisor and now endorsed DeSantis, joins to explain his shift to Team DeSantis and answer the allegations that he’s “disloyal.” Steve joined Jenna’s radio show this morning and they continue the conversation!

Durham Report: Trump’s Response

Wednesday, May 17

President Trump’s spokesperson, Liz Harrington, joins Jenna to discuss Trump’s response to the Durham Report and answer the key question: WHAT NOW? Liz also discusses the primary pushback from Trump skeptics on how he’ll really drain the swamp this time and personnel issues. Trump did more in the last 7 years to show the depth of the stench in Washington, so what is he really thinking for solutions in 2024?

Durham Report: Legal Analysis

Tuesday, May 16

Legal Analyst Gregg Jarrett, author of the new book “The Trial of the Century,” joins to discuss the Durham Report and the confirmation of everything we already knew about the Russia Collusion Hoax. So where is the accountability for Democrats? Should Joe Biden be impeached? To quote Hillary, “At this point, what difference does it make?” Gregg and Jenna break it all down!

Do Not Take What We Have For Granted

Monday, May 15

Dhillon Law partner Ron Coleman fills in for Jenna to discuss the world we live in with modern medicine, science, and technology. 

Defining Politics as Truth in Community

Wednesday, May 10

When we talk about politics (policy, law, and government), Americans typically focus on Republican vs Democrat, but what are we actually talking about? What should we be talking about? Conservatives and especially Christians are interested in Truth, and building a moral and upright society. Pastor John Amanchukwu joins for a crucial discussion about Truth in society.1

Why Former Trump Officials are Supporting DeSantis

Tuesday, May 9

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis concluded an incredibly successful legislative term and is widely reported to soon declare a presidential run. Many former Trump officials and advisors are turning to DeSantis as the future of our nation.Former Trump Administration official, Ken Cuccinelli, founded the Never Back Down PAC, which has been encouraging DeSantis to run. Ken joins to explain why he is supporting DeSantis, and answers the important questions and the stakes for America in the GOP primary.For anyone who wants to seriously consider questions of loyalty, personnel, drama, and the future of our country, listen to this.

Is the Culture War Worth Fighting?

Monday, May 8

Many so-called conservatives are only for small government and low taxes, but don’t care about the social issues, like marriage and family and the gender wars. Owen Strachan, author of the new book “The War on Men,” joins Jenna to discuss the current battlefield and some important issues you may not know are going on!

The Kennedy Factor: Should Biden be worried about the competition?

Thursday, May 4

Adam Creighton joins to discuss Robert F. Kennedy, Jr already polling above 20% with the Democrats and how this might factor into the Democrat primary in 2024. Biden is the incumbent, but even Democrats put him at a hugely low approval rating. Adam and Jenna also discuss the possibility of Kennedy eventually running Independent. It’s still over a year out, but the 2024 presidential election is already a wild ride!

The Great One: Mark Levin Interview

Wednesday, May 3

The Great One, Mark Levin, joins Jenna to discuss the state of our nation and how the Constitution itself provides the best solution to reign in an increasingly overreaching federal government. Democrats consistently want to tear down our institutions of government and if they regain full control of the Senate in 2024, are likely to push court-packing. Conservatives NEED to address this NOW. Listen to the wise and sage words of a master!

mRNA Vaccines Are Being Used on Animals in the US Food Supply

Tuesday, May 2

Raw Egg Nationalist joins to discuss the growing controversy over “edible vaccines”—mRNA technology that is being injected into pork, which is then put into the US food supply, without consumers’ knowledge or consent.The Missouri Senate passed a food labeling bill to address this, but received significant backlash from the political lobby and Big Agraculture.What’s going on and what are the risks to consumers and why isn’t government actually protecting the food supply?