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Rep. French Hill and Sen. Tom Cotton on opposing the shutdown

Tuesday, September 26

Rep. French Hill (AR-02) and Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton joined me this morning to discuss opposition among conservatives to a government shutdown. Also on today's show: Bethany Mandel, co-founder of RightBooks4Kids, and Emily Seidel, CEO of Americans for Prosperity.

Congressman Mike Lawler (R-NY) on the Crack-Up in the House GOP Caucus

Sunday, September 24

The gloves come off in the GOP Caucus as NY Republican Lawler tells Hugh that the moderates are ready, willing and able to work with Democrats to break the deadlock. Ben Domenech and Sarah Bedford add their commentary on the Matt Gaetz led blockade of a Republican budget.

Arthur Brooks! Senators Cotton & Lankford, Fmr. Rep. Mike Rogers, Jim Geraghty and Olivia Beavers!

Wednesday, September 20

Arthur C. Brooks leads off today's show as I play the 2nd part of a 5-part interview about his latest book, "Build The Life You Want" which he co-authored with the one and only Oprah Winfrey. Senators Tom Cotton and James Lankford join me to discuss gridlock on spending bills and the latest on the border crisis. Former Congressman Mike Rogers is running for senate in Michigan and stopped by to discuss his campaign. Also on today's program: Jim Geraghty on the Jets' demise and GOP field, and Olivia Beavers reports from the hill on the latest movements from House GOP as the shutdown looms.

Duane Patterson fills in for Hugh

Wednesday, September 20

Duane Patterson, producer of The Hugh Hewitt Show and VIP columnist, fills in for Hugh. On today's program: David Drucker, Byron York, Bethany Mandel, and part 1 of Hugh's interview with Arthur C. Brooks about his new book.

Candidate Potpourri: Everyone was talking yesterday

Thursday, September 14

Hugh runs down the headlines and the key clips from Wednesday’s presidential campaigning and talks with Mary Katharine Ham about the, the Ohio State vs George football, and the “Kings of the North” podcast. 

Energy Secretary Granholm and NPR’s Excellent EV Adventure

Wednesday, September 13

The Grand Old Pod is a subscription pod available, usually, only to members of the But because Hugh, Duane and former Congressman John Campbell devoted most of the Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday “Grand Old Pod” to Energy Secretary Granholm’s and NPR’s absurd EV “road-trip-that-isn’t-a-road-trip” we are combining those broadcast and making them available to everyone. Enjoy!

Hugh talks "Code Red: A Mitch Rapp Novel" with Kyle Mills

Monday, September 11

Kyle Mills returns to discuss his final Mitch Rapp novel, Hugh covers the news on The Rundown, and Senator Tom Cotton joins Hugh to discuss this day of remembrance, the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Book:

Senator Ron Johnson unloads on Hunter Biden scandal

Friday, September 8

Hugh talks with Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson on the ongoing investigation into Hunter Biden, the manifest infirmity of President Biden, and “old Twitter’s” censorship of him during COVID.

The Senate returns from recess

Wednesday, September 6

Hugh covers the 2nd slowest news day of the year behind the 4th of July and talks with David Drucker, Byron York, Adm. James Stavridis (USN, Ret.), Bret Baier, and Sen. Tom Cotton.