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The Genius of Mitch McConnell

Friday, March 1

Ben Domenech joined Hugh to discuss the best GOP legislative leader of Hugh’s lifetime and the decision of SCOTUS to take the presidential immunity case, plus Sarah Bedford, Phil Balboni, Sonny Bunch on Dune, and Tarzana Joe on a “Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit” March 1 show.

Build The Wall

Thursday, February 29

Hugh’s new column stresses how House Republicans can move the Supplemental and contrast their seriousness on immigration issues to the Democrats’ incoherence on the issue, plus a salute to Senator Mitch McConnell, a look at the Supreme Court’s decision to take up former President Trump’s appeal of the D.C. Circuit’s ruling on presidential immunity, and a chat with Chairman Gallagher about his trip to Taiwan.

Trump and Biden Romp in Michigan

Wednesday, February 28

The Michigan primary was essentially the last hurdle for both likely nominees, with Trump facing an open primary against Nikki Haley and President Biden facing Rashida Tlaib’s effort to rally support for Hamas by urging Democrats to vote “uncommitted.” Trump and Biden both romped with R turnout significantly higher than D. Mary Katharine Ham joined Hugh to discuss, plus Olivia Beavers on the federal government shutdown cliff approaching.

Trump Thumps in South Carolina

Monday, February 26

Donald Trump wins big in South Carolina and that’s three-in-a-row for the former president. Hugh talks about that plus today’s argument at SCOTUS over Big Tech and the States. Also on the show today: Jim Geraghty, Salena Zito, Bethany Mandel, and Joe Pickett’s creator C.J. Box is back talking about “Three-Inch Teeth” his brand new best-seller.

Biden Betrays Israel at U.N.

Tuesday, February 20

Hugh reviews the trial balloon floated by Team Biden to impose a cease fire on Israel via a U.S. sponsored “cease fire” resolution at the Security Council. He also discusses it with Senator Tom Cotton, Byron York and David Drucker as well as an interview with Fran Maier about his terrific new book on the state of Catholicism in America: “True Confessions.”

If You Worked On Presidents’ Day…

Monday, February 19

Then you should listen to Hugh today because he did too so you’d have fresh content on this Monday. Hugh unpacks the falllout from Putin’s murder of Navalny and talks with Jim Geraghty and Morgan Ortagus about it. Plus a chat with John Campbell on whatever it is that the Fed is doing right now and with Bethany Mandel on whether home schoolers should get today off!

Bibi Blows Off Biden and Fani Fades: The Week In Review

Friday, February 16

Ben Domenech and Sarah Bedford join Hugh for the week in review which centered on Israel’s indifference to the infirm president, the Fani Willis meltdown, Russia’s new weapons, and the urgent need to pass the national security supplemental. If Speaker Johnson has the votes, he can attach H.R. 2 to what the Senate sent over and send it back, or he can nod at the discharge petition and watch that sail through. Either way is fine by me, but if we can agree that Russia’s new threat in space adds clarity to their status vis-a-vis us, let’s get the aid to Israel, Taiwan and Ukraine stat.

Is Biden Betraying Israel?

Thursday, February 15

On today’s show, Hugh talks with AEI’s Matt Continetti (who is also co-host of the “must listen” Commentary pod), Josh Kraushaar, former Senator Jim Talent, Noah Rothman, and Leland Vittert about Biden’s rapidly accelerating U-turn on supporting Israel, plus Hugh’s new column for Fox News on whether Senator Tom Cotton ought to be Donald Trump’s running mate.

Nikki Haley Tells Joe Biden To Resign, Today.

Tuesday, February 13

Ambassador Haley joined Hugh this AM to discuss campaign ‘24, Donald Trump’s slam on her husband, and the need for Joe Biden to resign. Then, Senator Tom Cotton on the just-passed Senate bill to aid Israel, Taiwan, and Ukraine, Charlie Spiering on his new book about Kamala Harris: “Amateur Hour,” followed by David Drucker and Byron York.

The President Should Step Down

Monday, February 12

Hugh talks with former federal prosecutor and Fox News Contributor Andrew C. McCarthy about the Hur Report —which as they both emphatically agree did NOT exonerate President Biden. Plus, conversations about whether the president should resign with John Campbell, Bethany Mandel, and David Bahnsen.

Biden Should Resign

Friday, February 9

Hugh reviews Special Counsel Hur’s conclusions on President Biden’s acuity and the president’s angry “President Sisi of Mexico” press conference and concludes as do most objective folks that he’s not fit to be president anymore and should resign. Also, selections from the United States Supreme Court playing buzkashi with the Colorado Supreme Court decision.

Support for Israel, Ukraine and Taiwan?

Thursday, February 8

Hugh makes the case in his new Fox News column that the GOP in the Senate and House should support aid to Israel, Ukraine, and Taiwan. He’s joined by Senator Dan Sullivan (R-AK), former Senator Jim Talent, Dr. Michael Oren, Noah Rothman, and Josh Kraushaar.

“This Parrot is Dead”: Border bill collapses

Tuesday, February 6

The text of the non-secure border bill was released Sunday and it was dead by Monday night. Hugh discusses why with Senator Tom Cotton, David Drucker, and Byron York.

A BIG swing-and-a-miss on the “no security at the border” bill

Monday, February 5

Hugh reviews the utter failure of the draft border bill in the Senate and talks with Senator Lankford about it as well as Salena Zito, Jim Geraghty, Bethany Mandel, John Hinderaker, and John Campbell. Plus a chat with Doug Lesmerises about the best college football pod available: Kings of the North.

What About The Border Wall?

Thursday, February 1

Hugh reviews his new Fox News column and why senators are hiding the bill from the public. He also talks with Arsen Ostrovsky, head of the Israel-based International Legal Forum, and Dr. Michael Oren, former Israeli Ambassador to the United States about UNRWA and why it must be shut down completely.