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Grace and Truth exists to equip listeners to engage their world in faith, hope, and love. This program engages theology, culture, politics, and the arts from a distinctly biblical perspective, ultimately offering hearers the gospel of Jesus Christ. Grace and Truth is aimed at worldview formation, revelational confidence, and an unleashed church that shows the grace and truth of our Savior and Lord (John 1:17)

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Trusting God When a Child Dies

Wednesday, December 6

How can one trust God when the unthinkable happens? Dr. Owen Strachan is joined by Pastor Erik Reed who, like so many other parents, had to endure the unimaginable: the loss of his child. Pastor Reed shares his son's story and how he and his family were able to rely on God to get them through one of the darkest moments in their life.

The Biblical God Is Kind

Tuesday, December 5

How can you see the kindness of God in suffering? What about those who are afflicted with depression? Dr. Owen Strachan is joined by Pastor Nate Pickowicz, author of the upcoming book, "The Kindness of God: Beholding His Goodness in a Cruel World" to discuss these questions and many more!

Can Christians Celebrate Christmas? (Part 2)

Thursday, November 30

In this information-packed second installment on the question of the pagan roots of Christmas, Dr. Owen Strachan discusses if Christians should celebrate Christmas. 

Is Christmas a Pagan Holiday? (Part 1)

Wednesday, November 29

Now that Advent is upon us, Dr. Owen Strachan tackles the question of Christmas and its origins! Is it really a pagan holiday? Can Christians celebrate it? Owen answers those questions and more!

The Gospel is Alive in Ireland

Tuesday, November 28

Dr. Owen Strachan is joined by Jonathan McClaughlin, the Principal Designate of Irish Baptist College and they discuss the state of the church in Ireland and even talk a bit of rugby!

We're Not Giving Up on the Police

Wednesday, November 22

Dr. Owen Strachan is joined by Kris Williams, a Christian, Police Officer, and rapper to discuss the event that made him go viral, how his Christian faith influences his work as a police officer and why he decided to get into music. 

Exposing the Lies of Osama bin Laden

Tuesday, November 21

Many young men and women on the left took to social media to proclaim that after having read Osama bin Laden's "Letter to America", that their entire worldview has been changed. Dr. Owen Strachan breaks down why this is just the natural progression of woke ideology and how Christians can counter such darkness.

How to Fear God Wrongly

Thursday, November 16

Dr. Owen Strachan takes a look at how some use fear to manipulate people of faith and discusses the Biblical ways to fear God in a healthy way. 

New Atheism Is Dead

Wednesday, November 15

Dr. Owen Strachan dives into the provocative essay from renowned former "New Atheist" Ayaan Hirsi Ali who says she's now a Christian. 

On the Nature of Envy

Tuesday, November 14

Dr. Owen Strachan is joined by Pastor Mike Fabarez to discuss the sin of envy and his book, "Envy: A Big Problem You Didn't Know You Had."

Debating Christian Nationalism, Part 2

Thursday, November 9

Dr. Owen Strachan is joined once again by Pastor Jacob Reaume to have a friendly debate on Christian Nationalism. What does Scripture say? How should a Christian engage in civic life? Owen and Jacob try to answer these questions from a Biblical perspective.

Poison in the Well: Woke Ideas and a Mass Shooting

Tuesday, November 7

The Covenant School shooter's alleged manifesto has been leaked to news outlets. While the veracity is still being checked, signs point to it being legitimate. Owen takes a sober look at what the purported manifesto says about the killer's mindset and how woke ideology has played a hand in the Nashville shooter's radicalization.

Exiles in Babylon: The Importance of Planting Gardens

Thursday, October 26

The world seems to be engulfed in chaos: a war in the Mideast, war between Russia and Ukraine, and that's nothing to say of the domestic issues here in the United States. But is there hope? Owen thinks that there is with the Book of Jeremiah. In this episode, Owen takes a deep dive into the story of the exiles in Babylon and what we can learn from them today.

Is Religious Liberty Unimportant?

Thursday, October 19

Owen is joined by David Closson, Director of the Center for a Biblical Worldview, to discuss Religious Liberty and why it's important for all Americans, not just believers in Christ.