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Friday, February 23

Peter Johnson, a former Federal Air Marshal and founder of Archway Defense, joins me to talk about the most American principle of all: self-reliance. When it comes to safety for you and your family - you have a choice: prepare or repair. Preparing is more than buying a gun. It is a mindset and a recognition that you are ultimately responsible for your own best outcomes. 


Thursday, February 22

LGBT groups are on the march, mocking nuns and invading sacred spaces. In the wake of a debaucherous trans activist funeral in NYC, Catholic Vote President Brian Burch joins us to discuss why this is not simply a Catholic concern, but an American one. And was gay marriage the WORST thing to happen to the LGBT movement?


Wednesday, February 21

In this episode, Dinesh reviews Trump’s plight in the wake of Judge Engoron’s decision in New York, and a new survey on how contemporary historians rank the presidents.  Author and defense strategist Rebekah Koffler joins Dinesh to talk about the villainy of Putin, the death of Navalny, and the effort by Democrats and others to exploit the event to shove the Ukraine military aid package through the House of Representatives.


Tuesday, February 20

In this episode, Dinesh draws on his involvement with the Brandon Gill campaign to show how Never Trump Republicans seek to thwart the will of the voters even in red, pro-Trump districts.  Dinesh dissects an Associated Press report which falsely claims that True the Vote admitted that it has no evidence of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election. Jeremy Stalnecker, CEO of the Mighty Oaks Foundation,  joins Dinesh to talk about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and the effect it has on our veterans and their families.


Monday, February 19

In this episode, Dinesh examines the latest revelations in the Trump New York case and also the Fani Willis case in Georgia, and outlines what’s likely to come next.  George Papadopoulos, the original target of the spying directed at the Trump campaign, joins Dinesh to discuss new information that intelligence officials in the Obama administration recruited foreign intelligence agencies in their project of spying on Trump and his associates, all with a view to portraying Trump as a Russian asset and helping Hillary Clinton win the 2016 presidential election.

HIT THE ROAD, JACK Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep771

Friday, February 16

In this episode, Dinesh exposes the naked partisanship behind Jack Smith’s “high minded” filing about the pressing need for a speedy trial in the Trump January 6 case.  Dinesh examines new data on federal tax revenues to ask the question, who is not paying their “fair share”? Congressional candidate Brandon Gill joins his father-in-law Dinesh to talk about the travails of running for office—and how to beat back the lies of the Democrats and the Never Trump faction.


Thursday, February 15

In this episode, Dinesh makes the case for why we should be skeptical about last-minute warnings warning of dire national security consequences if we don’t comply immediately with what the government wants us to do. Author Larry Schweikart joined Dinesh to outline a brief history of globalism and reveal what the globalists have up their sleeve this time.  Dinesh explains why Lincoln’s Whigs were reluctant to admit Texas into the Union and how this reflects a failure of vision on their part.


Wednesday, February 14

In this episode, Dinesh tries to comprehend how elected officials could give greater importance to protecting Ukraine’s border than our own border.  Dinesh asks whether some Republican leaders are infected with “Reaganitis,” which Dinesh defines as a false application of Reaganite principles to today’s world which is very different from the one that Reagan faced.


Tuesday, February 13

In this episode, Dinesh has an in-depth conversation with longtime friend and Texas Congressman Troy Nehls, focusing on his latest book “Borderless by Design” which exposes the Biden administration’s deliberate wrecking of U.S. border security. Nehls gives us the what and the why.  Dinesh continues his argument for Stephen Douglas as part of his study of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.


Monday, February 12

In this episode, Dinesh reveals the significance of Putin’s remarks by carefully considering what he did, and didn’t, say.  Dinesh spells out the dilemma for the Biden White House: either admit that Biden is a virtual imbecile who lacks the mental capacity to stand trial and take legal responsibility for his actions, or insist that Biden is “all there” in which case he deserves to be criminally indicted by Biden’s own DOJ.


Friday, February 9

In this episode, Dinesh shows how the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Agency knew the risks and dangers of absentee ballots and mail-in dropboxes and yet worked to censor the public from discussing those risks and dangers. Debbie and Dinesh discuss whether and how to deport millions of illegals and what America can learn from Javier Milei.


Thursday, February 8

In this episode, Dinesh makes the case for hearing Putin out in the forthcoming Tucker Carlson interview.  Dinesh says “about time” for Ronna McDaniel to leave, and lays out the direction in which the RNC needs to go.  Attorney Christina Bobb joins Dinesh to talk about two Trump cases that are before the Supreme Court, the immunity case and the Colorado ballot case. 


Wednesday, February 7

In this episode, Dinesh examines the prospects for the Supreme Court to take the Trump immunity case and affirm Trump’s immunity from prosecution in the January 6 case. Texas attorney general Ken Paxton joins Dinesh to reveal the perniciousness of the Senate border bill and expose the political machinations behind it. 


Tuesday, February 6

In this episode, Dinesh reveals what’s in the Senate border bill and why it’s pure poison.  Dinesh asks whether it’s possible to rationally persuade progressives who are deeply indoctrinated with woke ideology and suggests how we can do it.  A concerned father, Dennis Hannon, joins Dinesh to talk about why he was helpless to prevent his son from taking puberty blockers in order to transition into a girl.


Monday, February 5

In this episode, Dinesh asks whether Taylor Swift is part of a Democratic operation to help Joe Biden get elected, or whether there is something else going on for Republicans to learn from. Actor and producer Nick Searcy joins Dinesh to discuss the new film “America Invaded.”


Friday, February 2

In this episode, Dinesh examines the peculiar psychology of Trump, a man who forges ahead while facing a degree of prosecution and persecution that would cause a normal person to go into the fetal position.  Debbie and Dinesh discuss how troubles brew around the world when Democrats are in charge, what in the world were Fani Willis and Nathan Wade thinking, and what’s going to come of the idea of planting chips inside people’s heads.

COME AND TAKE IT Dinesh D’Souza Podcast Ep760

Thursday, February 1

In this episode, Dinesh discusses the issues that will define the 2024 election and whether Biden is likely to remain on the ticket.  Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick joins Dinesh to talk about how Texas can help thwart Biden’s effort to flood the country with illegal aliens.  Dinesh begins making the case for Douglas in his discussion of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.


Wednesday, January 31

In this episode, Dinesh reveals the extraordinary phenomenon of large numbers of United Nations refugee staff either directly participating in the October 7 Hamas attack or being closely connected with pro-terrorist forces and institutions.  Congressman Wesley Hunt of Texas joins Dinesh to talk about Biden’s foreign policy and how Republicans can win in 2024.  Dinesh continues his introduction to Harry Jaffa’s “Crisis of the House Divided,” a classic study of the Lincoln-Douglas debates.


Tuesday, January 30

In this episode, Dinesh discusses the death of our soldiers in Jordan, and whether—and how—Iran should be held accountable for its aggression.  Former Texas GOP chair and retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West joins Dinesh to talk about U.S. options in the Middle East, and how to thwart Biden’s nefarious border schemes.


Monday, January 29

In this episode, Dinesh discusses Joe Biden’s scheme to conceal his border insanity by claiming to be the guy who is taking action to secure the border.  Dinesh reviews the surreal jury verdict in E. Jean Carroll’s suit against Trump, arguing that it signals a massive breakdown of law that imperils us all.  Texas House GOP candidate Wayne Richard joins Dinesh to clarify the stakes in the great divide between MAGA Republicans and the party establishment.  Dinesh begins a discussion of the Lincoln-Douglas debates through an examination of Harry Jaffa’s classic work, “Crisis of the House Divided.”