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Monday, June 5

In this episode, Dinesh reflects on the anniversary of Tiananmen Square.  Author Frank Gaffney joins Dinesh to discuss whether China can be held accountable for its crimes against humanity.  Dinesh also asks whether social media is opening up to the question of what really happened in the 2020 election. 


Friday, June 2

In this episode, Dinesh makes the case for why so many public institutions, from the FBI to the CDC, have earned our distrust.  Debbie and Dinesh discuss how Virginia governor Youngkin is dispatching troops to the southern border, attorney general Ken Paxton's woes in Texas, and baseball players speaking out against woke propaganda.  Dinesh continues his discussion of the new morality of I, Myself and Me.


Thursday, June 1

In this episode, Discusses the wisdom — or unwisdom of trying to boycott Chick-Fil-A . Danielle D'Souza Gill joins Dinesh to defend Trump against critics and to discuss how America’s religious landscape is changing.  Dinesh reviews how New York is dumbing down its public-school standards.


Wednesday, May 31

In this episode, Dinesh challenges a prominent NeverTrumper who insists that Trump supporters are the dumbest group in the country.    Dinesh explains how high school debate is becoming a thing of a past, as judges now take sides on a partisan basis.  Michael Reagan, son of the former president, joins Dinesh to talk about his dad and his current pursuits.  Stuart Rhodes, founder of the Oath Keepers, joins Dinesh to talk about his sedition trial and sentence.


Tuesday, May 30

In this episode, Dinesh examines the content of the debt extension deal, and spells out the dire implications of the US becoming the world's largest debtor nation. Dinesh argues that the Supreme Court's EPA decision represents an important victory for democracy and property rights. Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey joins Dinesh to discuss the developments in his important censorship case against the Biden administration.


Friday, May 26

In this special episode, Dinesh examines the relevance and application of conservatism to the threats and challenges we face today. Dinesh traces how conservatism first developed in America, its meaning and application in the Reagan era, how it lost its clarity and coherence in the Bush years, the Trumpian reorientation of conservatism, and the unique type of conservatism that is now required to overthrow the Left and the Democrats. 


Thursday, May 25

In this episode, Dinesh contends that the latest revelations in the Durham report should set the GOP House on a path to locking both Obama and Hillary up. Dinesh reviews a State Department “misgendering” gaffe. Debbie and Dinesh discuss the DeSantis announcement, and how America helped create the influx of Venezuelans at the border. 


Wednesday, May 24

In this episode, Dinesh considers the full ramifications if Ron DeSantis, as expected, jumps into the presidential race. Dinesh reviews the shifting politics of the Middle East, as revealed in the recent Arab Summit. Another Soros-funded DA goes down, and Dinesh provides the cheerful details.  Dinesh reports on how the Egyptians are responding to Hollywood’s decision to cast Cleopatra as a black woman. 


Tuesday, May 23

In this episode Dinesh explains the implications of an American debt default and makes the case for why the GOP should hang tough. Dinesh asks Nikki Haley to reconsider her assessment of January 6. Dinesh exposes the World Health Organization’s naked power grab in the form of a Global Pandemic Treaty.


Monday, May 22

In this special episode, Dinesh discusses the fundamental question of male and female with Senator Josh Hawley, author of the new book “Manhood.” Dinesh also invokes anthropologist Margaret Mead and evolutionary biology to examine the meaning of sexuality in the larger scheme of human history and human survival.  Dinesh also continues his discussion of “materialism” and whether there is room in our material bodies for that immaterial object called the soul.


Friday, May 19

In this episode, Dinesh discusses how the Biden DOJ is covering up the crimes of the President and his family by removing a key IRS whistleblower from the investigation. Dinesh and Debbie discuss Marjorie Taylor Greene’s impeachment bills, the motives for Venezuelans coming across the border, and, as a comic sidenote, how Biden qualified to get an honorary degree from Howard University. 


Thursday, May 18

In this episode, Dinesh is joined by Florida governor Ron DeSantis to discuss how he is making his state a paradise for the "unwoke."  Dinesh provides an insider update on the Abe Hamadeh and Kari Lake election lawsuits in Arizona.  Dinesh explores whether Daniel Penny is a Good Samaritan or a subway killer. Dinesh comments sardonically on Harry, Meghan and the "near fatal accident" that wasn't. 


Wednesday, May 17

In this episode, Dinesh exposes both the Russia collusion scandal, as documented in the Durham report, and the 2020 letter signed by 51 intelligence officials as two separate cases of election interference.  Podcaster and TV personality Trish Regan joins Dinesh to talk about current issues including the state of the economy.  Dinesh reveals how Starbucks is trying to push woke perversion in India.


Tuesday, May 16

In this episode, Dinesh reviews the findings of the Durham final report, arguing that it uncovers an immense election interference scheme involving Hillary, Obama and the FBI.  Simona Papadopoulos joins Dinesh to discuss the Durham conclusions and how she is now being targeted by the Biden State Department. Also, journalist Sara Carter on the border, and on her new children's book. 


Monday, May 15

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the illegal swarm across the border represents perhaps the greatest threat to the country in the last two decades.  Dinesh comes to Elon Musk's defense in his appointment of Linda Yaccarino as the new Twitter CEO.  Entrepreneur Amy Sterner Nelson joins Dinesh to talk about how online giant Amazon colluded with the FBI to frame her husband and destroy her family.  


Friday, May 12

In this episode, Dinesh charts where things stand with Kari Lake’s election lawsuit. Debbie and Dinesh discuss the border chaos in the wake of the ending of Title 42, the fate of Zuckerbucks in Georgia, the roots of the Jordan Neely tragedy, and the so-called Hispanic white supremacist mass shooter.  Dinesh also shows why Darwinian evolution cannot fully explain why humans can be kind, decent and charitable. 


Thursday, May 11

In this special episode, based on a talk that Dinesh delivered recently, he sums up seven of the biggest lies of the Left. Dinesh focuses on lies about slavery, lies about race, lies about the civil rights movement, lies about the two parties, and lies about guns, among other lies.  Dinesh concludes by showing how we can effectively fight these lies and convey the truth to the American people.


Wednesday, May 10

In this episode, Dinesh reviews new information of how the Department of Homeland Security is trying to create a nation of snitches. Dinesh highlights the significant revelations in Rep. James Comer’s press conference on Biden family corruption. Dinesh considers the implications of the Trump verdict in the E. Jean Carroll case, and of Tucker’s migration to Twitter. 


Tuesday, May 9

In this episode, Dinesh previews Rep. James Comer’s press conference outlining the scheme of foreign bribe payments to the entire Biden crime family. Dinesh evaluates the case against Trump that Georgia DA Fani Willis is likely to bring. Dinesh says U.S. universities are losing their global clout, and that’s actually a good thing. Dinesh explains why morality is objective and relativism is a ruse. 


Monday, May 8

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the Biden administration is punishing people with good credit who reliably pay their mortgages but imposing a tax on them to subsidize people who are bad credit risks. Dinesh argues that the famous 1960s song about San Francisco needs to be rewritten to begin, "Are you Leaving San Francisco?" Swimming star Riley Gaines joins Dinesh to discuss her experience competing in women's sports and also speaking out in favor of women's rights.