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Tuesday, September 26

In this episode, Dinesh compares the two cases of Bob Menendez and Joe Biden to show how the Democrats have richly earned the title, Party of Corruption.  Dinesh reveals how Democrats are trying to leverage the Bob Menendez scandal to get Clarence Thomas to resign.  Dinesh argues that the progressive outrage over Trump’s comments about General Milley omit the key question: were his actions treasonous? Podcast host Liz Wheeler joins Dinesh to talk about her new book “Hide Your Children.”


Monday, September 25

In this episode, Dinesh explores the significance of a controversial poll putting Trump 10 points above Biden.  Dinesh asks whether the indictment of Senator Menendez proves that Democratic prosecutors treat everyone equally under the law.  Dinesh is joined by Virginia lieutenant governor Winsome Sears to discuss how the GOP can win in a toss-up state.  Dinesh examines whether, and why, the Republican Party changed its positions on Russia and free trade since the Reagan years.


Friday, September 22

In this episode, Dinesh reflects on his previous films, previews the upcoming new one “Police State,” and comments on the impact that films can have on politics and culture. Debbie joins Dinesh to discuss the national debt crossing $33 trillion, FBI infiltration into January 6 protests, unproven accusations of sex abuse against Rudy Giuliani and Russell Brand, and whether Venezuela has a chance to climb out of the socialist pit. 


Thursday, September 21

In this special episode, Dinesh is joined in studio by Texas Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.  Dinesh and Dan talk about the Ken Paxton impeachment trial and acquittal, Republican infighting in Texas and in the country, what states can do about the border crisis, state efforts to block digital censorship on the part of the federal government, and new legislation in Texas promoting school choice.  


Wednesday, September 20

In this episode, Dinesh discusses the tragic case of two seventy-year-old grandmas who face upwards of 10 years in prison for trying to stop abortions in the nation’s capital.  Dinesh marvels at Hunter Biden’s chutzpah in suing the IRS to block whistleblowers from revealing his corrupt transactions.  Dinesh exposes Ibram Kenji’s “antiracism” center and explains why it’s now falling apart.  Joel Berry, managing editor of the Babylon Bee, joins Dinesh to talk about his new book, “The Babylon Bee guide to Gender.”


Tuesday, September 19

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how Joe Biden is an integral part of the Biden family international bribery scheme, and it makes no difference if the bucks didn’t flow directly to him. Dinesh discusses the acquittal of three defendants who were charged in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping hoax .  Author Richard Hanania joins Dinesh to discuss his book “The Origins of Woke.”


Monday, September 18

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how Hunter Biden’s gun charge, far from showing that “no one is above the law,” is a sneaky way to protect Big Daddy Joe Biden.  Dinesh says why he’s not alarmed the Supreme Court put a hold on the injunction in the Missouri v. Biden censorship case.  Dinesh offers his post-mortem on the Ken Paxton trial.  Comedian Dave Smith joins Dinesh with a light-hearted taken on issues of the day.


Friday, September 15

In this episode, Dinesh considers an article arguing that diversity and critical race initiatives represent “Maoism in America.”  Debbie joins Dinesh for a Friday roundup to consider Biden impeachment, Romney’s “electus interruptus,” Texas attorney general Ken Paxton’s trial, and the Democratic candidate who likes to make porn videos with her husband.


Thursday, September 14

In this episode, Dinesh refutes the absurd media insistence that there is “no evidence” tying Joe Biden to the crimes of the Biden family. Dinesh explains how a White House letter to the media conveys its fears over the impeachment inquiry. Dinesh marvels at a New Mexico Democratic governor openly promoting gun control measures that defy the Constitution.


Wednesday, September 13

In this episode, Dinesh examines the ramifications of Kevin McCarthy’s decision to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden.  Dinesh reveals details of how the CIA offered financial incentives to its investigators to change their mind about Covid-19 originating in a lab.  Dinesh talks about how he came to make “Police State” and why the topic is eerily relevant today. Reverend Steve Lee joins Dinesh to talk about his indictment in the Georgia RICO case. 


Tuesday, September 12

In this episode, Dinesh discusses how 9/11 changed America, and why Biden was nowhere to be found at the site on the anniversary.  Dinesh explores the irony of how the powers given to the U.S. government to fight Islamic terrorism have now been turned against conservatives and Republicans. Dinesh shows how Trump’s enduring popularity is making the Left extremely nervous about 2024.


Monday, September 11

In this episode, Dinesh tells the story of the making of his new film “Police State” and outlines the plans for the film’s release next month.  Dinesh reviews the success of making “2000 Mules” available free on X this past weekend. Dinesh examines the appeals court ruling in Missouri v. Biden and shows why it’s a big win for free speech.  Writer and activist Sharika Soal joins Dinesh to discuss why she’s revolted at the Left’s tolerance for black male criminality.


Friday, September 8

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how single women, mostly white, are key to understanding the leftward drift of the Democratic Party and of American politics in general.  Dinesh considers the prejudicial record of Trump’s judge in the January 6 case, showing why she should (but won’t) recuse herself. Dinesh and Debbie discuss why the worst cities to live in are virtually all run by Democrats, the extreme verdicts being visited on January 6 defendants, and the politics behind the trial of Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. 


Thursday, September 7

In this episode, Dinesh shows why draining the swamp means reckoning with the administrative state, and three upcoming Supreme Court cases deal with just that.  Dinesh examines strategies employed by the left in law schools to get around the Court’s affirmative action ruling. Dinesh considers some recent advice from Peter Thiel about how to start a successful new business. Dinesh examines the opening pages of Solzhenitsyn’s “Gulag Archipelago.” 


Wednesday, September 6

In this episode, Dinesh exposes a secret collaboration between left-wing advocacy groups and Facebook which gives the leftists leverage over Facebook censorship policies in exchange for ad revenues. Dinesh examines a debate over the efficacy of masks featuring a leading Oxford epidemiologist.  Author Jonathan Cahn joins Dinesh to talk about the end times and his new book “The Josiah Manifesto.”  Dinesh continues his introduction to Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s “The Gulag Archipelago.”


Tuesday, September 5

In this episode, Dinesh reveals how the Democrats seek to get Trump off the ballot even in the absence of any criminal convictions.  Dinesh shows why it’s because they are terrified of what Trump will do if he returns to office. Author Joe Allen joins Dinesh to discuss the intriguing and perhaps even terrifying advent of “transhumanism.”  Dinesh begins a mini-course on Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s classic “The Gulag Archipelago.” 

Wielding Power

Friday, September 1

In this episode, Brandon Gill of fills in for Dinesh and discusses how the Democrats weaponized the Federal Government against pro-life Americans, while defending some of the most barbaric abortion practices imaginable. He then shows how the climate change agenda is a cover for the Left’s plans of social transformation. Then Congressional Candidate Anthony Sabatini joins and discusses how Republicans should wield political power against the Left and how he will stand up to the Establishment.

The Trump Plan

Thursday, August 31

In this episode, Brandon Gill of fills in for Dinesh and goes through President Trump’s phenomenal plan to stop illegal immigration and fix our broken legal immigration system. He then discusses how big business profits from mass migration. Then Libby Emmons of The Post Millennial joins to discuss the recent Trump indictments and the weaponization of the Federal Government.

The Coming Lockdown

Wednesday, August 30

In this episode, guest host Brandon Gill discusses resurging talk of a new covid variant and breaks down the possibilities for more lockdowns. Then, Mayor Trent Staggs, who is running to oust Senator Mitt Romney, joins and shows why he is man to defeat Mitt Romney and how he’s different from the RINO establishment.

Time to Unify

Tuesday, August 29

 In this episode, Brandon Gill fills in for Dinesh and discusses how Donald Trump is the only candidate who can win the Republican nomination, how it’s time to unify behind him, and how Trump’s neocon primary opposition is still in full force. Then, CEO of X Strategies, Alex Bruesewitz joins to talk about the current state of the primaries and Trump’s resilience amidst intense political persecution.