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Dennis Prager is one of the most respected and influential thinkers, writers, and speakers in America. Each day, he tackles topics of politics, faith, and culture with ease and expertise. His motto is, "I prefer clarity to agreement.” He is deeply passionate about preserving America, the West, and the Judeo-Christian value system.

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Friday, September 22

Latest polls suggest that people feel that marriage and family are no longer necessary for a happy and meaningful life. Most of these people are Democrats… There is nothing to be learned from the past. This is a watchword of the Left… Braun has joined the list of woke companies that must be shunned… The UK pulls back on its Green madness.  How important is marriage and family to happiness? Once they were assumed to be essential. Now it's not so clear. This lack of clarity has caused a lot of unhappiness.  Issues raised include: it is a joy to have with my grandchildren in my daily life; life was less complicated growing up in the 70’s and 60’s compared to now; was it a good idea to rename the Russian cities, Stalingrad and Leningrad; I’ve been a youth pastor for 22 years… and have been using Proverbs to teach kids; the lack of respect shown by the new Senate dress code; who is the most famous person you ever met?  Thanks for listening to the Daily Dennis Prager Podcast. To hear the entire three hours of my radio show as a podcast, commercial-free every single day, become a member of Pragertopia. You’ll also get access to 15 years’ worth of archives, as well as daily show prep. Subscribe today at Pragertopia dot com.

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