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Thursday, May 25

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, officially becomes a candidate for the Republican nomination. His highly anticipated Twitter announcement was a bust. Twitter crashed. Not good for the Ron and not for Elon, but, ultimately, a tempest in a teapot. May the best Republican candidate win… Winning is what matters… Chicago continues to self-destruct.  The new Chicago mayor has a plan for the self-destruction of the city. Better get to Florida before real estate gets even more expensive… Did Bruce Jenner represent America in the 1970’s? Does Kaitlin Jenner represent America today?  The FBI and the CIA played a direct role in influencing the 2016 and 2020 elections. Will they do the same in 2024?... United Airlines is rolling out new uniforms with preferred pronoun name tags… Tomorrow is the Jewish holiday celebrating the deliverance of the Ten Commandments. Thanks for listening to the Daily Dennis Prager Podcast. To hear the entire three hours of my radio show as a podcast, commercial-free every single day, become a member of Pragertopia. You’ll also get access to 15 years’ worth of archives, as well as daily show prep. Subscribe today at Pragertopia dot com.

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