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Dennis Prager is one of the most respected and influential thinkers, writers, and speakers in America. Each day, he tackles topics of politics, faith, and culture with ease and expertise. His motto is, "I prefer clarity to agreement.” He is deeply passionate about preserving America, the West, and the Judeo-Christian value system.

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Friday, February 2

Dennis announces that starting next week, his show — at his request — will now be two hours. The format will also change. He will start at the top of the hour, not six minutes after the hour. This is revolutionary in the talk show world… A family flees Washington State for India when they learn that their ten-year-old daughter is secretly “transitioning.”…Chicago City Council calls for a cease-fire in Gaza. They can’t control crime in their own city, but they want to tell Israel what to do... CT Dept of Education put a tampon dispenser in the boy’s bathroom. The boys trash it almost immediately.  Do the people in your life know you? Transparency is a key to a good relationship with your spouse and your friends.  Do you hide yourself from the people you care about?  Issues raised: Did you ever think to keep the 3rd hour but give it to Julie Hartman; What would happen if coaches and athletes walked out when trans want to compete; I know why you are so happy, because you know how to have a conversation; What process do you go through when you pick out your speakers; Why is Israel the only country in the world referred to as the state country; I met people from the Netherlands and used the Dutch phrase you taught me, whacked by the windmill; Is there a difference with a 75 or 375 dollar fountain pen; What are your regrets?  Thanks for listening to the Daily Dennis Prager Podcast. To hear the entire three hours of my radio show as a podcast, commercial-free every single day, become a member of Pragertopia. You’ll also get access to 15 years’ worth of archives, as well as daily show prep. Subscribe today at Pragertopia dot com.

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