Did "Demolition Man" predict our future? Sebastian Gorka and Mr. Reagan on Making Movies Great Again

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"America First" was created by Dr. Sebastian Gorka ("Dr.G"), former Special Advisor to the President of the United States and Fox News National Security Strategist, to be the new front lines in the ongoing Culture War against the Left. In each episode, Dr.G will inform you about the Leftist assault on our traditional values and he will define how we win against them. Every episode features a retinue of amazing guests who augment the basic message that we must put our country first and we must be willing to fight for the values that made this country great.

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Friday, May 19

Sebastian and Chris Kohls, AKA "Mr. Reagan," review the Sylvester Stallone classic "Demolition Man," discussing its personification of the uniquely 90's flair, its surprisingly conservative message, and whether or not it accurately predicted our quasi-dystopian present.